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As many are aware and have been anxious to get the chance to see, the great saga that started it all is about to make its amazing return to the big screen. Star Wars has brought imagination and adventure to millions around the world, has taught the difference between good and evil and light and dark. Now, with the next chapter in this amazing series only a month away, what can we look forward to with this film, and the future of Star Wars?

A Galaxy Far, Far Away... RETURNS!!!

Star Wars took audiences to amazing places around the universe, showed amazing technologies and powers, and introduced us to great characters. Now with the next installment, we will get the chance to see these again. Such characters as Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), Han Solo (Harrison Ford), and Leia Organna (Carrie Fisher) will be back to continue their fight against darkness. No doubt fans cannot wait to see their favorite characters be brought back for another adventure. Sure they may be a little older, but there can be no doubt their personalities and spirits haven't changed. From what is known about this film, our favorite characters have gone to do great things. Han Solo has become a legend in the eyes of the republic and is a commander of sorts in the squadrons of the Alliance. Leia has become a commanding General, leading the people who rely on her to many victories. And who can forget Luke Skywalker. Although there is no confirmation, a few leaks have laid out the basis that Luke has begun his long journey to becoming a true Jedi Master, and from what we can tell, will have a hand in the continuing teachings of the Jedi Order. Many other familiar faces have been confirmed, like the dynamic droid duo of C---3po (Anthony Daniels) and his counterpart R2-D2. It has also been confirmed that Admiral Akbar himself is coming back, most likely a higher rank than before, but still a battle worn hero.


Daisy Ridley: Rey
Daisy Ridley: Rey

In this film we are introduced to the next generation of heroes. Such as Rey portrayed by Daisy Ridley. Not much is known of Rey's origin, but rumors have been speculating that she in fact is the child of Han and Leia. It would make sense for the story with Han's interest in the girl. And also in the newest trailer, she explains she's been waiting for her family. If she is the daughter of a Skyalker, this also means she has the potential to become a Jedi in her future, and even be taught by Luke Skywalker himself.

John Boyega: Finn
John Boyega: Finn

Finn, being raised by the expectations of the empire, becomes unsatisfied with his life and deserts his only known way of life. A character who in many of the trailers has been shown carrying a lightsaber and facing against the empire. So its pretty obvious we know he will be a Jedi eventually, but it has rumored to be confirmed he is the descendant of Lando Calrissian. Another connection to the previous movies that makes this character intriguing and important to keep an eye on.

Adam Driver: Kylo Ren
Adam Driver: Kylo Ren

Oh man, I don't know about the rest of you, but this guy screams the ultimate bad guy. From what is known, Kylo Ren is not the characters true name, but a name given to him by an ancient order of Dark Force wielders called the Knights of Ren. He seems to be obsessed with continuing the work of one Darth Vader, by destroying worlds who opposed the new order, and hunting down the remaining Jedi. Although we still are awaiting to learn of his true goals in the galaxy, one thing does come to mind when realizing what he is capable of. This shows the possible chance of the return of the ancient empire of the sith. A true threat to the Jedi and forces of good if it comes to reality.


So now only one question still remains to be answered, what will you think of this film. Just as Jurassic World brought everyone back into the world of dinosaurs with a big bang, I feel this will do the same for this series. As a Star Wars fan since childhood, I can say I do believe this film has the potential to send the series in a direction truly amazing. The characters, the setting, and the over all feel that my favorite Sci Fi saga is returning, fills me with joy. Although many rumors and ideas spread across the internet like wild fire making claims that don't seem possible, I keep to the official word that has been given by the filmmakers themselves. From what I can tell, Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens will bring the young ones into the light of how Star Wars should really look like. And help the older ones travel back to a time when going to the movies and watching this stuff was like a wild roller coaster. We are so close everyone, and although for some its not soon enough, have patience, for when the day comes and we see that iconic title, followed by that intro music that gives everyone goosebumps, we will know that the Galaxy Far, Far Away is truly home.


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