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Ive' seen EVERY Marvel Comic film. Love em to bits. Seen the MULTIPLE times.
Georgian Stanescu

Spectre is the latest 007 Bond offering. Not bad a movie. A bit disapapointing thou. Plot reasons is the reason for my disappointment. I personally enjoyed Skyfall beteter. Even the music at the beginning by Adel added to it. Although Sam Smith did justice to it, the music in this film, I still feel it wasn't enough.

The plot again was confusing. However it did come together eventually. heeheheh. Bond(Craig) is in Mexico City, trackie a guy down. Trouble ensues. M(Fiennes) is furious and tells Bond that "he is grounded". However Bond feels this is needed, so he hires the help of Moneypenny(Harris) and my baby Q(Winshaw). Q "pricks" him with a Microchip, so that M and everyone knows where Bond is gone to.


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