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Vault dwellers and Wastelanders alike! It's time to return to the wonderful Commonwealth in the new installment in the Fallout series, Fallout 4. This highly anticipated game managed to not only live up to the hype, it doubled it! We'll get to see a new spin on the Fallout gameplay style we've come to love, and a brand new environment to go explore. So don your Power Armor, grab Dogmeat and something to beat down Raiders with - it's time to explore post-apocalyptic Boston!

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A Look Into The World Before The Bombs Dropped

One of the unique aspects of Fallout 4 is that it's the only game in the Fallout series to take a look at life before the bombs dropped. Yes, that's right! You start the game off BEFORE the bombs fell and the world turned to the irradiated Wasteland we've come to know and love. The awesome thing about this is that it immerses the player into feeling at ease in this peaceful world - until it inevitably turns to dust. The sheer panic Fallout 4 instills into you as you rush from your home to Vault 111 is exhilarating - preparing you for what comes next!

All is well in Sanctuary Hills.
All is well in Sanctuary Hills.

The story from here on out is as emotionally trying as the start of the game. Without spoiling anything, Fallout 4 will put you on a journey seeing you travel from one end of the Commonwealth to the next. Along the way, you'll meet various people, factions and settlements to become allied with. And you'll meet tonnes of bad guys just waiting to have their heads knocked off!

Fallout 4 will also provides you with so many missions that you'll forget that you have a main story to complete! Trust me when I say that Fallout 4 is a pure time-waster - but in the best ways possible!

Power Armor Turns You Into A Walking Tank

Players of Fallout 3 are very familiar with the Power Armor that is a favourite of the Brotherhood of Steel. Heck, most of us just sign up so that we can get our hands on that unbelievably strong armor! Staying true to it's roots, Fallout 4 allows players to have their own Power Armor - but in a much cooler way! The Power Armor in Fallout 4 works as an exoskeleton. You simply find an abandoned suit, or sign up with the Brotherhood of Steel, put in a Fusion Core and you're good to go! You'll also be able to carry a lot more items when you wear Power Armor - so you can loot to your hearts content.

I should be safe...right?
I should be safe...right?

The customisation and overall functionality of the Power Armor makes it durable and fun, but also balanced. Although you feel invincible once you put it on, the individual parts of the Power Armor can be damaged and break - making you vulnerable to any hostile. Of course, you can repair these damaged and broken parts, but you'll need further resources to do so. Also, the Power Armor runs solely on Fusion Cores - meaning you'll need to have a lot of them to be able to wear it for long periods of time. And trust me, Fusion Cores are hard to find and can be very expensive to buy from traders. Run out of Fusion Cores? Looks like you'll be walking home!

Build Settlements Just The Way You Want Them

Another really awesome feature that Fallout 4 has introduced to the series is the ability to build settlements. It's like Fallout and Minecraft merged to create a post-apocalyptic sandbox game. Simply find a friendly area that you can settle down in, and start building away! You can build anything from houses and crafting stations for you to relax and create some more, to turrets and traps to keep your settlement safe. Most importantly, you can bring other settlers to your settlement to help you farm, scavenge and protect your settlement! First Sanctuary Hills, next - the Commonwealth!

What a nice, welcoming message!
What a nice, welcoming message!

What I love about the settlement building feature in Fallout 4 is that it's completely optional. Yep, you don't have to do this at all! You can just go on your merry way and complete every other mission to your heart's content. But once you start, you'll find yourself spending hours and so many resources to build the perfect settlement. What? I have to have some way of protecting my gigantic metal mansion!

The Cons

Now, with everything that I've said in mind, it's hard to imagine Fallout 4 with any faults. But true to Bethesda's reputation, this game is riddled with glitches both big and small. Most of them create some comedic value, making us die of laughter. Other times, they just make us die. One good example of this is the amount of times my companion has stood in the way of a doorway which has resulted in me being shot to pieced by Raiders and Super Mutants. Not cool, Dogmeat. Not cool.

Another con to note is the questionable control bindings for PC. In certain situations I found myself trying to melee attack a Raider - only to realise I held the melee key for a fraction too long and threw a grenade instead. This is an easy fix, of course - simply rebind the key to something that would work better for you. But it still became very frustrating in those intense firefights!

Final Thoughts

Overall I believe that Fallout 4 has brought an awesome new spin to the Fallout series. The story and atmosphere created in Fallout 4 will result in your eyes being glued to the screen for hours - whether you be questing or building a new settlement. So, ladies and gentlemen, we at Vault-Tec highly recommend that you sign yourself up to be placed in Vault 111 today!


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