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I for one am glad that Amy finally left Sheldon, and am perplexed that it has taken this long. Seriously, it took her five years to get tire of him insulting her, her profession, generally being dismissive of her, going out of his way to ignore her, and at no point going further than kissing her, and complaining about it as well? How is it possible that it is considered good television that we glorify the not just broken but shattered and toxic relationship nexus of an arrogant, misogynistic, neurotic narcissist, completely incapable of functioning on his own, (who is so out of touch with reality that he actually believes a single stamp on the back of his hand makes him look like a Hell’s Angel; and despite having “an IQ that can’t be accurately measured by normal means”, and an eidetic memory, can’t remember which pedal is which in a car, gets stuck in a revolving door, gets distracted by a balloon, misreads a simple table, has to watch movies repeatedly (seriously I don’t have an eidetic memory, and even if I like a movie I can’t watch it more than once a quarter because I know what will happen, the mystery is gone), is concerned about the scientific foundations of interstellar flight on a silver surfboard, ect, ect, ect.) and his spineless enablers (who despite having advanced degrees still tolerate his neurotic narcissism)(it is in no way shape or form amusing on any level that Sheldon compared a holiday meal with being a slave, I still wonder how they got away with that). At least Dr. Beverly Hofstadter has a distance buffer as an excuse for her inexplicable attachment to him (though if she was really as good a psychologist and neurologist as the show would have us believe, she would see it).

When Amy was first introduced at the end of season 3 she was so like Sheldon it was almost sickening, in order for that plot to continue they needed to change her, or else they would have a mini Beverly, which at that time she essentially was. In the beginning of their relationship, she had the upper hand; when they broke up over the implications of quantum physics and neurology, he essentially crawled back to her. It would have been interesting to see how she subtly manipulated him into being more of a human as she applied her ‘neurobiological bag of tricks’ (why did that story line not continued when they introduced it during Howard and Bernadette’s engagement?) Instead, despite being intelligent, and up to that time completely independent and not really interested in a relationship, (she only dated as an agreement with her mother for her silence)(seriously, making her so needy was disgusting) and (again) on multiple occasions him insulting her and her profession (who puts up with that and why are we glorifying it?). So, for five years, despite her character evolving (which is a good thing), and his becoming more and more neurotically misogynistic and narcissistic (seriously not funny, where is the F****** line), she puts up with his insults, personality disorders, lack of affection (though towards the end the writers I guess realized the relationship was shattered and toxic), and ‘mutual admiration that skewed in his favor’ (though there was really nothing mutual about it), and finally ends it. And despite being told it was his fault, can’t understand it (‘it’s been 24 hours she should realize she’s wrong by now’, again who would put up with that for that long and that little out it, and why are we glorifying it, NOT FUNNY!).

Now the latest episode shows her moving on, (great for her!), but the writers put her on a date with another weirdo that would happily prop up Sheldon’s inflated sense of superiority, WTF!! On top of that we see yet another example of how completely out of touch with reality Sheldon is, he has Howard and Raj set up a puzzle hunt with him as the prize (so he can have another woman he can ignore, in order to hyper focus on work. So he knew what he was doing and still did it WTF), with problems only a deranged nut bar would both be able to solve in the ridiculously short period of time, and enjoy it. And guess what, someone did! But she is still just potentially another intelligent enabler that should see through it, but doesn’t! And because she is a few seconds late, which could be attributed to an unsynchronized pocket watch, he slams the door in her face, WTF!!!

I used to enjoy the show, but now I am questioning my own sanity for liking it. If the writers and producers see this, I know I am not the only one, something needs to be done before the world realizes how ‘eF’ed up the show is.


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