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We all love a little love, even though some of us hide it. Who doesn't like a little "smoochi-ti-do-chi" (as i call kissing, don't ask why) any time of the day?

This is my top 10 most ROMANTIC scenes and not most HOT scenes (if it was the hot type of list i would have to put Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman, right?)

10. The Fault In Our Stars

Yes, i do love this film, and i find it quite special. This scene in particular, in Anne Frank's house, it's a beautiful scene, because she had been the entire movie rejecting him, so she wouldn't hurt him when she died, but the ecstasy was so strong there, that she couldn't resist him. Loved it.

9. Spider-man

A classic! This scene is one of my favorites for many reasons.

1. This was the first movie i ever saw in a theater. I was just 5 years old.

2. It is like in many comics, where Peter puts himself upside down to kiss Mary Jane.

3. It's a scene just after he saved her from the bad guy, so it's a total classic.

4. Their in the freaking rain... Kissing!! Just that is enough romance,no?

And there are more reasons of course but moving on...

8. The Vampire Diaries

Some of you might be like: "Wtf??". But those of you that love this show like i do, will understand. This first gif is where Daemon first tells her that he loves her. It's the first time he ever opened up to her and to us, audience. It was romantic and the part that made it all even more romantic was that he made her forget what he said. At least now he had a weight out of his chest. Sad and romantic.

This scene made me almost look like i was a teardroping machine.

Elena kisses Damon, when he's dying, as a favor to him... and of course to herself. She new he loved her, so she made him a last wish, and what he said after she kissed him always get's to me.

"Thank you..." he said almost in a whisper.

7. NCIS: Los Angeles

This could be in first place, just because this is a GREAT episode. This scene in specific is incredibly romantic. This kiss was unexpected and after all those episodes waiting for them to finally accept that they love eachother and when Deeks has had enough of waiting he just goes to her, interrupting her speech and kisses her. The worst part, and what makes this so unique, is that she leaves, trying to avoid saying what she really feels and then Deeks has to save Hanna form dying and that get's him heavily tortured and almost killed and that is why i think that this was one of the greatest season finales ever!!

Just can't get enough of that kiss between them.

6. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

I took a lot of time to start liking this show, but when i did it just "flew" through my screen. This scene is even today, my favorite scene from all episodes of all seasons. After Ward throws Fitz and Simmons into the ocean, they try to find a plan to survive and they see that the only way is to break the glass and swim, but there's only oxigen enough for one. Then finally Fitz says what he feels about her, in his own words of course, and before breaking the glass and letting her have the oxigen, that hug happens and it breaks a person (that loves these two) to see this happen. I just wanted to kill Ward after this, but they both survived but the lack of oxygen damaged Fitz functions and that is one of the things that hurts me to see in the second season.

If we don't count with Simmons being sucked in by a weird looking rock in the end of season 2................

5. The Perks of Being A Wallflower

This movie is beautiful. Beautifly directed and beautifly played by Emma Watson and Logan Lerman, who we're also together in the film Noah last year. Logan played a phenomenal part here and i think that he and Emma Watson make the perfect couple in this film and that scene, in that Christmas night is really romantic. Their first kiss, his first kiss, the present she gave him, the talk they had, the friendship they have... all that makes this scene perfect and beautiful.

Another beautiful thing this movie has is it's script. It has really deep quotes, like:

... and in that moment, i swear we we're infinite.


We accept the love we think we deserve.


“You can't just sit there and put everyone's lives ahead of yours and think that counts as love. You just can't. You have to do things.”

There are so many great quotes, but moving on...

4. Jerry Maguire

Who doesn't know this film? Who doesn't know this scene? Who doesn't love it? I think that this film has the perfect happy ending after all the trouble the characters went trough and i still think that they are one of the cutest couples there are in Hollywood. It's a shame their not for real.

3. The Amazing Spider-man

This movie was a pleasent surprise for me. After Spider-man 3 i thought there wouldn't be any other spider-man film, and then they announced this one and i was like: whaaaaaat? (quoting myself now. What's next? Writing a post of romantic scenes?)

Then the trailer came out and i was still like: whaaaaaat?

But i went to see it anyway and i was glad i did. Peter and Gwen, Emma and Andrew are one of the most perfect couples on screen, and if i had to choose one scene from the movie it would be impossible. I would have to put a whole film worth of gifs.

So imagine my surprise when this year Emma and Andrew broke up...

And please... don't talk to me about Amazing Spider-man 2 ... not romantic AT ALL!! (it acctually is, but Gwen dies so... not romantic AT ALL!!)

2. Titanic

Here's another movie that i would have to put the entire movie in gifs here. This is a one in a life time film. and this romance has had a huge impact on me. Every year i see this film, and every year i have the same reaction:

And I'm not even in cold water!! See what you do to me Leonard and Kate?? Why??

1. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2

(I know the gif suck but i couldn't find any better)
(I know the gif suck but i couldn't find any better)

Of course I am a Harry Potter fan, what did you expect? I was waiting for this moment since movie one. I know i was just four or five when it was released but when i was a little bit older i saw something there, and in the end of the second film it was obvious and then i read the books and i was really hoping for a kiss. BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED J.K.ROWLING!! Only in the last book we had a small taste of their love and in the film it was also a really really itsy bitsy moment... at least it was a funny moment, and once again... It (inda) rained!!! Romantic moment, and since we fans we're hoping and waiting years to see this, this small moment was enough to fill our hearts with some love. But maybe we are in need of some more right? Here you have something just to help you a little bit:

Admit it, Harry here is kind of the third wheel right?


Do you like any of this romance scenes? If yes, tell me wich ones and what is your personal favorite of all the love scenes in the world.


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