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In the last episode of The Flash season 2, "Enter Zoom," the team tried to stop Zoom. Linda Allen, Doctor Light's Earth-1 counterpart, agreed to impersonate the latter in order to get to Zoom. Dr. Wells created a speed-dampening serum, and then they tried to trick Zoom into entering through the breach by staging a fight nearby.

But they failed because Zoom knew their plan. Zoom went after Linda and defeated Barry with ease. Zoom stabbed Barry with his hand, and Cisco (Carlo Valdes) shot Zoom with the serum. The serum hurt Zoom a little, but he was still able to escape. Later on, Wells revealed that Zoom has his daughter Jesse captive and that he had come to Earth-1 to put a stop to Zoom.

Barry eventually regained consciousness, and as well as his injuries, he had lost feeling in his legs.

As episode 6 closed, there was one question that kept coming up, the one question that has plagued fans since the premiere of season 2, "Who is Zoom?". Zoom explained through an evil, villainous monologue, that he is obsessed with destroying Barry and the whole lot of speedsters. He wants to be the only speedster left, to be the fastest man alive. But why?

In episode 7, titled, "Gorilla Warfare," Barry's father Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) will return to find Barry in a wheelchair after getting his arse handed to him by Zoom.

This casualty comes at the wrong time for the group, as Season 2: Episode 7's "Gorilla Warfare" sees the return of Grodd, the meta gorilla that we last saw in Season 1's "Grodd Lives". In this episode Grodd will kidnap Caitlin Snow this time around, in a King Kong type affair, and according to the synopsis, "Barry (Grant Gustin) and the gang race to save her before it's too late." But a new promo shows Barry saying, "I still don't have my speed. I can't stop him [Grodd]."

This episode will also see Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) from Earth 2 don a Reverse Flash suit to save Caitlin Snow. The Reverse Flash was Grodd's mentor in season 1, So I'm sure the group are going to try and trick Grodd into believing he is Wells and get Dr Snow back (I mean, it's not like he's a telepath or anything). A new promo for the episode (the New Zealand version) shows Harry in a yellow suit saying, "Use me," to the Flash team.

I, for one can't wait to see Wells don the old Reverse Flash outfit once again, even if it is temporary. Earth 2 Wells is one of my favourite characters this season, He's not as dark and mysterious in a villainous way this time around, but more arrogant, stubborn and a real likeable asshole. But that's not to say there's no mystery at all, there's still a hell of a lot we don't know. I can't wait to see how his story unfolds this time around.

Cisco Ramone will embark on his first date with Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renée) and hopefully more will be revealed about her character. She will go on to become Hawkgirl in The CW series, Legends Of Tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this date goes well and Cisco finds someone to "Vibe" with him - really bad joke, I apologize.

It's worth remembering here that the Earth-2 Flash, Jay Garrick has been without his superspeed since his introduction at the end of Season 2's premiere episode. This plot line could allow for both Barry and Jay to get their powers back together, which could provide an interesting dynamic for the show. After Barry's defeat last time, the group are clearly going to need help.

I for one, hope that Barry and Jay go without their powers for a bit longer, it would allow the other characters the chance to shine a little bit more. It would also mean a little more creative thinking around how to defeat their foes rather than using Barry's speed to solve everything. Because even though Barry's out of action, I don't think their enemies will take a break and let him get back on his feet. This move would also allow their growing list of characters like Cisco and the soon to be Hawkgirl shine a little brighter on screen.

The way the CW shows are developing is something amazing, the DC universe are making some of the best shows on TV at the moment and I'm so excited for this years crossover. I'm seeing it as an early christmas present from the show's creators, to us. The crossover episode will be laying the groundwork for DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, another show that is sure to break the internet when it's released.

In the anticipated crossover episode, Team Flash and Team Arrow will combine forces to defeat Vandal Savage (Casper Crump). This will air some time in the first week of December. The first photo of this crossover is shown above. Included in the photo are Barry (Gustin), Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), Thea Queen (Willa Holland), Carter Hall/ Hawkman (Falk Hentschel), John Diggle (David Ramsey), and Kendra Saunders/ Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee).

Check out the original promo clip and the New Zealand promo clip below, for The Flash season 2, episode 7, titled: "Gorilla Warfare"

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