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One day while surfing the web for voice acting audition opportunities I stumbled across the website of my dreams,! If you're an aspiring voice actor like me, you'll love this site! Here's why.


If you have Audacity installed on your computer, or some sort of audio recording program you can start immediately. When you open the site you immediately see all kinds of different projects. But before you do anything you need to make an account, very easy and no credit card required. That's right! It's free (surprisingly). You can now audition for roles! After your account is set up, go back to the front page of the site and click on a project. Once you do this you can scroll down through all of the boxes with the character, description of the character and the lines. You record the lines, then you submit the audition by following the website's steps/directions. Now all sorts of other people on the site can listen to your audition, and this is the part that can make/break you: once they listen to the audition, they can choose to give you an upvote or keep scrolling. If you get a lot of upvotes, it's much more likely that the project creator will listen to yours. That's how you can get casted, which leads me to my next point!

Being Casted:

Once you get casted into a role, the website automatically sets up a chat between you and the project creator. This is where you can get the rest of your lines, talk to the creator about what things they want from your performance, as well as even send in your lines! In most of my experiences, it made it much easier to do these things once the project creator and I had built up a rapport. I'm actually still friends with some of the project creators to this day.

It just goes to show how amazing things can happen out of nowhere you'll never know when one of the best things to ever happen to you falls right into your lap. So, I recommend this website to anyone who is interested. Have a great day everybody.

Last but not least, here is a link to the website, just click: HERE!


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