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One of the GREATEST comic books/graphic novels of all time was going to be a television show in 2011, but sadly the pilot never aired. They did however release a trailer for it:

At 2014 Comic-Con, comic creator Joe Hill, told all fans that Universal was planning on making this into a movie trilogy! That is great news, but ever since, no news has surfaced, besides an audio book that came out recently. But what we really need is those movies! Below is the cast of the show, a pretty good one at that.

This plot is presented in chronological order. During the American Revolution, a group of Rebels, hiding beneath the future Keyhouse, discover a portal to another dimension, the plains of Leng filled with demons which can mesmerize and possess any who see or touch them. However, when the demons attempt to enter the real world, they collapse into lumps of "whispering iron", which young smith Benjamin Locke forges into a variety of magical keys, including the Omega Key, which seals the entrance to the dimension. The magic of the Keyhouse gradually evolves over the years, including a spell which causes occupants to forget about the keys and the magic of the house when they pass their 18th birthday. In 1988, a group of teenagers, having used the keys extensively in their high school years to their great delight, decide to open the black door with the Omega Key, hoping to trick a demon into entering the real world in order to provide more metal with which to make more keys. However, Rendell Locke's younger brother follows the group and is mesmerized by the door. Attempting to walk through it, he is stopped by Dodge, who accidentally puts his hand through the door, becoming possessed. After plotting to kill his friends and enslave the others at the behest of the Child of Leng possessing him, Rendell kills Dodge, trapping his possessed soul in the well.

Many years later, Dodge's spirit reaches out to a young abused prodigy, Sam Lesser, and convinces him to attack the Lockes and kill Rendell, looking for the key to the Black Door, as well as a key to free Dodge from the well. After the gruesome murder of their father, the Locke kids, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode move with their mother Nina across the country to Keyhouse and begin discovering its secrets. Sam escapes prison and follows the Lockes, recovering the Anywhere Key which allows Dodge to escape the well. Dodge then kills Sam and returns to Lovecraft in the same body as he had thirty years before.

Dodge re-enters high school under the guise of a new student, intimidating his way into the home of one of Kinsey's teachers and Dodge's former friends. Over the next year, Dodge secretly tries to recover the various keys - in particular the Omega Key - from the children, collecting many though hindered by Tyler and Kinsey. Dodge is eventually discovered but manages to switch bodies and possess Bode before they can kill him. Now free to explore the house as Bode, Dodge finally finds the Omega Key and plans his takeover after-prom party in the caves. Releasing several demons, many of the students are killed. Dodge is ultimately undone by Tyler and Dodge's spirit is forced back into the well, though Bode's empty body is cremated before Bode's soul has a chance to return to it. In the epilogue, Tyler returns to the well to finally free Dodge's spirit from the demon, having used a sliver of whispering iron inherited from his father to forge an "Alpha Key" capable of undoing possession. Tyler is able to speak with his father one last time, and restore Bode's physical form.

If you've never read this, I'm not gonna tell you anything about the characters, because I want YOU to read it for yourselves.

Sarah Bolger...Kinsey Locke

Ksenia Solo...Dodge

Miranda Otto...Nina Locke

Mark Pellegrino...Rendell Locke

Jesse McCartney...Tyler Locke

Nick Stahl...Duncan Locke

Skylar Gaertner...Bode

Harrison Thomas...Sam Lesser

Kevin Jiggetts...Det. Matuku

Locke & Key is a great read. I highly recommend it; it'll make you laugh, cry, and basically go through every single emotion you have!

So What Do You Think? Are You Upset That Locke & Key Never Aired? Tell Me Your Thoughts!


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