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Ford Riley has been interviewed by TVKids on how he came up with the idea for The Lion Guard as well as what it will be about.

He mentioned Kiara one time as well, which I thought was pretty cool:

"It’s the background of the Lion Guard and how it ties into the relationship of Mufasa and Scar and how in the new series it will affect the relationship between Kiara, who we met in The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, and [her brother] Kion, the lead character in The Lion Guard."

It's a nice interview and you should read it, especially if you're excited for The Lion Guard, which is almost only a week away!

Picture of the Day

I'm so happy to have some new Kiara pictures to use here! For one, I'm kinda doubting "The Outlands" actually being The Outlands, and two I adore Kiara if you couldn't tell. Here Simba is teaching Kiara "Everything the light touches is part of our kingdom." Kiara is taking this seriously and listening to her father's every word, showing that now perhaps she has matured and accepts her place as queen. If she'd met Kovu at this point, he's probably the furthest from her mind, much as she is listening to her father, I doubt after that experience she'd ever truly hate The Outsiders.

Things to Ponder

"Could Tiifu and Zuri still be Kiara's friends as adults?"

Unlike the other ponderings this one is just for fun. I was thinking what if some of the lionesses Kiara interacts with as an adult are Tiifu and Zuri? For example:

The two could be keeping their cubhood friend away from an Outsider they deem dangerous. Kiara could be in shock that two lions she thought she could trust would do this.

A more likely example could be that they are two of the lionesses giving Kiara "Good Luck" before her first hunt.

Neither of these situations actually involve them, however it might be something that's fun to pretend.

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