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I was verry excited when I learned that Spider-Man was going back to Marvel Studios. And as a huge Spider-Man fan since I saw the Sam Raimi first Spider-Man film back in 2002 (I was 4 years old)...So I have imagined THE Spider-Man story I ABSOLUTLY want to see. And I am gonna tell you all about it.

We already know that Tom Holland's Spider-Man will be 15 years old in the first installment, so I was thinking about a trilogy in which Peter Parker would be 15 years old in the entire first film, and in the first sequel, he turns 16 like after 2/5 of the film. And in the third installment, he could be 17 years old in the entire film.

We saw the green goblin twice: in Sam Raimi's 2002 Spider-Man and in the 2014 Marc Webb's TAMS 2. We also had the chance to see Doctor Octopuss, Venom and Sandman...And then the lizard in TASM of 2012. So we need a new bad guy. A bad guy we have never seen on the big screen before, right? The rihno was in TASM 2 so we an already kick him out of the list.

One of the bad guys every one want is Kraven The Hunter, and people are right for wanting him in this new reboot. So the bad guy of the first film would be Kraven. For the first sequel, we are kicking Electro out of the list and we can put Mysterio as the antagonist of this sequel. For the third installment of this new reboot, I think that Vulture would be the principal new antagonist, and should be followed by Hammerhead and Scorpion.

Vulture is the perfect nemesis for Spider-Man while he is in the air and Hammerhead would be a perfect nemesis for Spidey while he is on the ground. And Scorpion should be in the film for a small role in the very beginning of the third film.


Are you agree with my vision of the new Spider-Man reboot?


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