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Dustin McLean is an award-wining director/producer and creator of several popular YouTube shows. His combination of production experience as well as his hands-on DIY skills have made him one of the foremost up-and-coming YouTube producers to watch. Dustin currently produces and hosts “DIY Prop Shop” on the AWEme channel. He created the pupular web series "Homemade Movies" on CineFix.

I got the chance to make him an interview about his job and his future movie projects, etc, and I want to say that he is an amazing person I love his job and the way he express his creativity

If you don't know who he is, get out of here...Nah just kidding, if you don't, just check the links here below:

Here's my short, but interesting interview with Dustin McLean...

Me: What or who was your inspiration on doing homemade movies?

Dustin McLean (DM): I've always loved recreating movies on video. Then for a while "Sweded" videos were gaining popularity which culminated with that movie "Be Kind Rewind", and then everyone knew what Sweded were. So I had done in that style, very cheap, etc, but then decided to try a new approach which was still all handmade, but to take it up a notch and do trailers totally shot for shot.

Me: Of all your Homemade Movies, which one is your favorite?

DM: It's a very though question. I just don't have a favorite. Narrowing it down I love the Star Wars, Trench Run, The Matrix, Back to the Future. I mean, I seriously love every single episode, and there are like 50, the trailers are all rad, I'm very happy with them all for different reasons.

Me: We all know you host DIY Prop Shop by AWEme on YouTube, but, how does this happened?

DM: After leaving Homemade Movies and focusing back on my channel I decided that I wanted to a show where I took audience suggestions and just made one prop per episode, just using my simple DIY techniques. When I first posted on social media that I was taking prop suggestions for a new show, the people behind the AWEme channel reached out to me and said they love the idea and asked me if I would host and produce the show for their channel.

Me: Of all the props you have done, which one is your favorite and why?

DM: Oh shoot that's hard. Too many are my favorite, but if I had to choose just one I'd go with the "Flux Capacitor" from Back to the Future, because it's such and awesome and simple design, it's from my favorite movie, and it makes a gret addition to any room.

Me: I have saw the DIY, it look pretty simple to make, but, what is the most difficult part of doing this props?

DM: That's tough, every prop is totally different and present its own unique set of challenge.

Me: In what are you focusing right now?

DM: I'm the Executive Producer of Mashable Studios. I'm starting up a brand new original content studio for the company in LA and gearing up for a whole new slate of original shows for early 2016.

Me: Can we know a little bit about that project?

DM: That's pretty much it. I'm building a studio and team and we are creating several new shows, there are like 8 shows.

Me: What are you looking forward on all your projects?

DM: It's a wide range of shows, but all within the same vibe of what I'm known for. They coulde funny and silly, DIY oriented, movie spoof, mashups, and stuff like that.

Me: And this shows you're talking about, will be released on 2016, right?

DM: Mostly yes, there are a few that might start a little bit sooner.

Me: And after all this projects, what do you want to do?

DM: Well, this is my full time job now so hopefully we'll just keep growing the team and making more shows. Eventually, I'd love to get into something a little longer form like TV and one day movies.

Me: Now, this question would be a very different one...What do you think about the MCU vs. DCCU?

DM: Hmm, well I always think that Superman and Batman are by far the most superior characters and I LOVE the Christopher Nolan trilogy, but so far in movies, Marvel has done a great job with their universe and they way the movie and TV shows are tie together and co-exist. We're only just getting ready to see how DC handles it.

Me: Now to finish, is there something you want to tell to your fans?

DM: Thanks for being awesome and I love seeing all of the props that everyone is making at home. That's why I do what I do!...Also stop messaging me every day to ask when a new video will be done. I promise I will post links when it comes out, hahaha! .

Dustin enjoys doing what he does, which is give us a reason to laugh, be happy every day and always being positive. He is a very awesome person that deserve this kind of life.

See you next time Dustin, hope we talk again sometime.

Thank you for reading this, hope you have nice day. Bye!

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