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As well as being one of the most awesome shows ever, The Walking Dead also teaches us a few important lessons. As we watch its lovable characters venture through a dangerous and apocalyptic world, we learn a lot from watching Rick and the gang, and even the bad guys teach us a lesson too!

Here are the 5 valuable life lessons that The Walking Dead teaches us:

1. Be brave

The Walking Dead shows us how important it is to be brave. We always see Rick and the gang being put to the test every day as they make some huge decisions and take risks - but this helps them to survive, and it's the same in real life. There are so many obstacles that we have to face growing up and sometimes life will really test us. Just remember that when you feel close to the edge, or things get too much, remember to be brave. Being brave and facing your demons can help you get past anything.

2. Don't be a d**k

Shane Walsh was a d**k - he died in the end. So was The Governor, who's also dead. Need I go on? Being a d**k puts yourself in danger as well as your group, as we have seen in TWD. It's not a good idea to be one in the real world either because you'll regret it. No one likes a d**k.

3. Always be kind and selfless

Our favourite characters in TWD are all selfless and kind. They look after each other and they'd risk their lives for each other without even thinking about it. No matter what, they are always there for each other and we should all be the same. Be kind and selfless - it gets you far in life, much further than being a d**k. We've seen how being kind has benefited the gang - each of them has someone to depend on and protect them from the dangers of the world they live in.

4. You need people

Don't be one of those people who thinks they need one and can do everything alone. You can't. It's OK to be dependable and ask for help sometimes. If The Walking Dead characters had to travel and survive alone, they wouldn't last five minutes against the zombies. It's a good thing to have friends and family. Always keep your loved ones close.

5. Love and hope are very important things

What do you think would keep you going in a zombie apocalypse? The answer is hope and love, and it's what always keeps us going. Remember to love one another and never stop having faith. Love and hope can brighten the darkest of times.

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