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Be it on The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, or any zombie game, movie, and television show, people have to not just worry about zombies! Oh, It's just not that simple my friends! -If only it was... but no! They have to worry about other things as well, or should. Bellow are 5 things you will need to worry about in the apocalypse!

1. Ammunition and Supplies.

Without guns, knives, and food, you are pretty much screwed. But you need one to get the other. If you come across people needing one or the other and you have something they want, well why not just trade? Or simply kill 'em to get it.

You need ammo and guns for protection, food and water for survival, people and/or animals for company? Maybe get yourself some zombie slaves.

2. A Good Base/Shelter/Fortifications.

No, that tent isn't going to protect you! You sir/ma'am are going to need you some BETTER shelter than that! Preferably not anything that's particularly damaged. Maybe find yourself a nice fenced in area with a nice prison right smack dab in the middle? Possibly someplace higher up like the mountains?

Shelter and fortifications (if done right) will surely protect anybody, at least for a little while, from the elements and zombies... people too.

3. Transportation.

Sure those boots and shoes are great, I mean you got those legs for walking right? Well when it comes to traveling long distances, you're definitely need something to take you there faster! You can also sup-up your vehicle, especially when you come across them hordes, just plow right on through them!

4. Definitely no corn fields.

Most people would want to find someplace out in the middle of nowhere so they have a clear vision of their surroundings; so they can see whats coming.

Corn fields are not someplace you want to be near! You can't see through them, and definitely can't see how many zombies are lurking throughout it! Same goes for a heavy forest/jungle. So don't get caught up there!

5. Last But Not Least...


People can either help you out and be of some kind of company to you... or they can be killers. Further into the apocalypse you are bound to find yourself either being followed by them or to come across them.

You wouldn't want to take on a group yourself so why not be in one? People are probably thee most precious resource you can have during an apocalypse. So be in a group.

So what do YOU think? What kinds of resources would you prefer? Let me know YOUR thoughts in the comments!


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