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I love this Gay themed Movie undoubtedly one of the earlier highlights of the movie; despite this I would like to punch holes into it.

1. First cliche in the story of the movie is that It had to be some poor Black teenager. Most gay stories comprise of a black gay young man/teenager estranged from his family.

2. Second cliche part in the film was the all too common tale of a run away teen. Out in the streets trying to make a life of himself. This is popular in Gay movies, too popular. Get a new stories guys.

3. Thirdly poor Roger Omeus just happens to have an angry father who is obsessed with his son's seemingly lack of manliness. As a result the young man finds it impossible to relate with him.

4. Fourth but in no way the least of this cliches, the Gay themed movie; Finding me tracks the source of the young man's trouble as the death of his mother. Roger is painted as quite the mother's boy, and his world crashes when his mother dies leaving their small family devastated. Touchy but a picture drawn by many gay themed movies.

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