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It may be late, but here it is:

On October 21, 2015, to celebrate Back to the Future Day, I posted 10 things Back to the Future Part II got right about 2015. Well, now here it is: 10 things Back to the Future Part II got wrong about 2015.

10. Flying Cars

In the movie, 2015 has a bunch of cool, high-tech flying cars that seems to have become so common that you only see about one car driving on the road. Well, guess what, Doc? We still need roads.

Now, there is the Terrafugia Transition and a few other roadable airplanes, but these are definitely not as common as they were in Back to the Future Part II.

9. Rain in California

Back to that picture, you can clearly see that it is raining. Rain? In California? I doubt it.

8. Jaws 5-19

"Shark still looks fake."
"Shark still looks fake."

It was predicted that by October 21, 2015, the nineteenth film in the Jaws franchise would be released and would be directed by Max Spielberg, Steven Spielberg's son (Spielberg directed Jaws and produced Back to the Future).

Well, there were only four films in the Jaws series, but still, they made a trailer for Jaws 19. Out of them all, I honestly think Jaws 17: Fifty Scales of Grey was the best.

7. Elijah Wood

When Marty walks into the Cafe '80s in 2015, he sees these two kids. The kid on the left is actually Elijah Wood (not kidding). But he's not a kid on October 21, 2015. He's 34.

6. Phone Booths

They predicted that we would still use phone booths in 2015. Nope. We use iPhones and Samsungs now.

5. Clothes

How we dressed in Back to the Future's 2015:

How we dressed in the real 2015:

4. Fax Machines

We text and email now.

3. Newspapers

There aren't a lot of people that still use newspapers because they can just go online or look at what's trending on Twitter. But there's more that they got wrong:

On the top-left, we see three things: "Slamball Playoffs Begin", "Cubs Sweep Series in 5", and "Marshall Runs 3 Minute Mile". The Cubs are a baseball team and you can't sweep a team in five. You can only sweep them in four.

On the top-right, you see a story about Washington preparing for Queen Diana's visit. Diana, the Princess of Wales, died in 1997.

And on the left column at the very bottom, we see "President says she's tired". Had Hillary Clinton won the election in 2009 and had she been re-elected in 2012, this would have come true. Sadly, no.

2. Abolished all lawyers

Marty reads the newspaper and finds that his future son was tried, convicted, and sentenced to 15 years in jail two hours after his arrest. Doc then says that the justice system worked swiftly now that they abolished all lawyers.

Yep. Not happening.

1. Hoverboards

That's Marty with his hoverboard.

In the film, Marty borrows a little girl's hoverboard and uses it to escape Griff and his gang. But we don't have hover boards. All we have is the Lexus Hoverboard.

But that thing hovers, like a centimeter above the ground while the hoverboards in the film floated about 2-3 inches.

And even more common than the Lexus Hoverboard is the...well, I don't want to talk about it.


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