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"Plesiosaurus, Power Ranger Purple."

The Roll-call for the purple ranger on Power Rangers Dino Charge.

So today, I'm feeling really excited to talk about the purple ranger

on Dino Charge. Earlier today, the episode: World Famous (in new Zealand)

aired on Nickelodeon & it show the new purple ranger: Albert Smith.

Albert Smith
Albert Smith

In this episode: Albert told the rangers of where did he find the purple energem

and how did he bond with it. Well, he rescue a little girl from the snowy mountain, then all the sudden: he saw the purple energem.

And bonded with him that quick!

The actor who plays Albert Smith is: Arthur Ranford.

Arthur Ranford.
Arthur Ranford.

But when he overcomes fear in front of them,

he never tells them that he gets so scare of monsters.

But on the other hand, he beat the monsters & walk right into his trap!

At the end of the episode, he unbond the purple energem

& retire to be a ranger.

Now with 3-more episodes to go, the rangers will have to find

the Plesio zord and: to find a new purple ranger to join the team!

In "Deep down under", Kendall told the rangers that they cannot

return home unless they find the Plesio Zord. But they tell her

that they are going to meet Dr. Ranga to find where the zord can be.

Plesio Zord.
Plesio Zord.

In "Wishing for a hero", the rangers find all their personal wishes

coming true in the worst way. While searching for the new purple ranger,

they have try everything they could to find one, but still:

No new ranger. Also, this episode debuts a new villain: Heckyl.

Heckyl, armor villain form.
Heckyl, armor villain form.
Heckyl, Human form
Heckyl, Human form

And appears to be that the only reason that sledge have something

in that cage was just Heckyl all this time (But got send back in a cage again).

But, it appears to be that Kendall & Ivan were having a chat

when them are still on the search for the new purple ranger.

Kendall almost got hit the car but rescue by Heckyl,

almost give him the energem (didn't know that he's a villain),

but got stolen by wish star & fury.

So continuing about this episode, but here's the headlines about

Tyler's father. On March 5th 2015, they found out that Reuben Turner

will listed to be the core cast member to play Mr. Navarro & rumored that

he'll be the new silver ranger.

Mr Naverro: Silver Ranger.
Mr Naverro: Silver Ranger.

Then on August 10 2015, Rankal (Tokunation) suggested

Reuben playing Tyler's dad.

And finally, On September 17th 2015, Confirmation that Reuben plays Tyler’s dad due to French airing of “Wishing For a Hero”.

So it appears to be that Tyler's father will be debuting on "Wishing for a hero"!

In "One more energem",

Purple Energem
Purple Energem

The rangers are being prepare to get the purple energem & built a little robot

to catch & find the energem. And along came with an extra help with the one

& only: Prince Phillip! He returns in this episode to help them to get

the purple energem back.

Prince Phillip.
Prince Phillip.

With the rangers in trouble & sledge visits the rangers once again,

Keeper cames along with the help. With him getting capture,

Kendall steps in the plate & starts to get in the pod to rescue keeper.

Both of them, in the ship, Kendall finally gets the energem

& rescues keeper. With being surrounded by spikeballs,

the purple energem quickly realize of what Kendall have done,

it quickly bond her & quickly morphs!

Claire as the purple ranger.
Claire as the purple ranger.

And here's her (2 photos) that she's helding up her purple energem

when she's smiles!

Smile #1
Smile #1
Smile #2
Smile #2

Wow! And there you have it!

The headlines for the new purple ranger-&-the purpler energem!

Can't wait to see the last 3-episodes!!!!!!!

The main team with Ivan, prince Phillip & Kendall.
The main team with Ivan, prince Phillip & Kendall.

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