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Most people loved Constantine, the TV show that was cancelled too early. And I did an article recently that said why the show should be resurrected, and in another article, I said that if the show wasn't resurrected then he should go to the newest Arrow spin-off Legends of Tomorrow. While I myself want a season 2, or Constantine to go to Legends, I have one more idea.

NBC, The CW, FOX, or Netflix can pick up the show. But the show would change to Hellblazer. The show could have an episode about Constantine, then another about Zatanna, then one about Swamp Thing. Or this show could be a team of many mystical characters, like Constantine, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Deadman, and Doctor Fate. Hellblazer would work on The CW, on Friday nights, just like Constantine on NBC.

First of all, I must say, I would rather have a Constantine season 2, or have Matt Ryan become a main cast member on Legends of Tomorrow. But if neither of these can happen, I still want Constantine. And a Hellblazer series would work very well.

Thank you to Taylor Standifird's article "Could Constantine have a future with the CW?" for giving me this idea, you can check out his moviepilot page right here.

So, do you want a Constantine season 2? Do you want him in Legends of Tomorrow? Do you want a Hellblazer series? Please, let me know!


In what way to you want to see Constantine return?


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