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Anthony DiChiara

If you're like most Star Wars fans, you probably can't wait for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to hit theaters in December. Well fear not, for the Force is coming to New York City in a new exhibit at Discovery Times Square, called Star Wars and the Power of Costume.

The exhibit, which opens November 14th, will display costumes and props from all of the Star Wars movies, and will also include some from the upcoming movie. Star Wars fans will get to see over 70 costumes, including Anthony Daniels C3P0 costume, Carrie Fisher's Slave Girl outfit from Return of the Jedi, and Darth Vader's costume from Revenge of the Sith.

All of the costumes and props on display come from George Lucas' Lucasfilm warehouse in California. Fans will also get to see concept sketches and have access to touch screens, which will showcase behind-the-scenes info.

Discovery Time Square is located at 226 W. 44th St.

Admission price is $20 to $27.50 to get in.


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