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I had a wonderful opportunity to be part of Moviepilot's Moviepilot University. This was a six-week writing course geared towards improving writing ability and I am thankful to have seen significant improvement in my own writing, both for MP and elsewhere, all thanks to the wonderful staff of Moviepilot who gave me this chance. Special shoutout to the incomparable Mike Fleck for putting up with me for the last six weeks and being willing to help me.

How the Course Works

After being accepted into the course, you are assigned a mentor from the staff who works with you throughout the program. You are required to submit four articles for each week of the course. Your mentor goes over them and leaves annotations. Once you have been notified that your article has been annotated, you return and make any edits suggested by your mentor, then you get to experience the joy of hitting that green button at the top of your screen that says "publish"! On Monday of each week, a video would be released by the MP staff telling us lucky creators exactly what aspect of our writing they were specifically trying to focus on for the week.

Literally me... every single week.
Literally me... every single week.

What I loved the most about this program is that before entering it, I was worried that I would be given a specific topic and that each of my four articles for the week would have to be on that topic. Once I started the program, however, I found out that this couldn't be further from the truth. You can write on any topic you want, as long as your article still reflects whatever writing tips were included in the week's video lesson. I also want to throw in a shoutout to the writers of the CW's hit show, The Flash, which ended up giving me inspiration for at least a quarter of my articles.

In conclusion, I am grateful to the wonderful Moviepilot staff for giving me this opportunity. It has greatly enhanced my writing and I will benefit from it for years to come. Thank you, Mike, and all of you on the Moviepilot staff. I am deeply indebted to you.


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