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  • "Who are you?"
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  • "The Force. It's true. All of it."
  • "The Force is calling to you!"

Star Wars: Episode VII? That's right! The Force Awakens is coming this December 18th, 2015 (Dec. 17th in Puerto Rico and the U.K. ...YaY)!

We have seen the trailers, featurettes and TV spots! We've crashed the sites by pre-order the tickets! We all jumped from our chairs (or where ever we were standing) excited when we saw the Falcon flying again or listening at the sweet sound of Harrison Ford's words:

"Chewie, we are home!"
Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm, LTD and Disney.
Photo courtesy of Lucasfilm, LTD and Disney.

BOOM! Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens has reportedly passed the $50m mark in pre-sales, selling more tickets prior to release than any other movie in history. And that is HUGE!

Why all this euphoric buzz? All of this is because we f**king love Star Wars. We are hardcore fans. Somehow, we believe in The Force. It's part of our culture. The Jedi, the Sith, all of it!

Being a great fan myself I edited this trailer is FOR YOU!!!!! Made from a fan, to the fans and makers of the saga. Please, sit down and enjoy it:

This trailer is dedicated to the entire Star Wars community and the wonderful people behind the whole saga. Old, new and upcoming.

  • To George, Ben Burtt and John Williams: The makers (thank you George). The ones who changed cinema in the blink of an eye. For those who united the globe with an space opera movie. For those who made an incredible score (thanks, Maestro John Williams).
Composer John Williams and George Lucas
Composer John Williams and George Lucas
  • The unique sound design (thanks Burtt. You guys are the reason I became a video editor. Thanks for the inspiration.
Ben Burtt - Sound Designer and Editor
Ben Burtt - Sound Designer and Editor
  • I would also like to dedicate this trailer to Daniel Fleetwood, the cancer patient who got his wish fulfilled and got to see a rough cut of the movie before passing away almost two weeks ago. To his wife Mrs. Ashley Fleetwood and to Mr. Mark Hamill and John Boyega for helping them spread the voice.
#ForceForDaniel#ForceForDaniel" title="">
  • And of course to Mr. J. J. Abrams and all the people behind this wonderful effort. Because they taught us that wishes coming form the heart, can come true!
J. J. Abrams - Courtesy of Lucasfiml, LTD
J. J. Abrams - Courtesy of Lucasfiml, LTD

Also for taking the reigns for this new chapter in the Star Wars saga.


And May The Force Be With You, ALWAYS!


What you just watched is the EXTENDED is the final version of the previously released one:

This fan made trailer follows the idea of a Han Solo's flashback trailer by Nick Skywalk. But is extended. I included footage from all the SIX films. Star Wars is a complete six film Saga.

Using the first part of the trailer #3 released in and combined with other teasers, trailers from The Force Awakens and SDCC 2015 footage, to edit the first part where we introduce the new heroes.

Check if you can spot also the Easter egg I placed at the climax of the trailer, which comes from an outtake of Return Of The Jedi. ;)

IF IT GAVE YOU 'the CHILLS' , please feel free to comment, like and of course share it with your friends!

"You might need this!"
"You might need this!"

All footage is property of Lucasfilm, Ltd. and Disney. Please visit the Star Wars YouTube channel . You may also watch it on Vimeo.

Contact me if you like:

"I had to pay a tribute to all of them. They are all part of the canon."


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