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I am a huge fan of comic book's and comic book movies.
Erik R. King

So I just got done watching the "Flash" season 2 episode 6 and I wanted to give my thought's on it. So first off "Dr.Wells" from earth 2 when "Wells" came out of the worm hole I thought that he was "Zoom" because of season 1 "Well's". But when I saw his daughter in the cage later on I realized that he was not "Zoom" as far as I know but that dose not say that much about it. So when "Linda" from earth 1 Was acting like the real "Dr.Light" and through "Barry's" emblem into the portal I thought that "Zoom" would run out and try to take "Barry's" body.

But instead of that they did it better and let me tell you why/ When all "Team Flash" where back at"Star Lab's" and they found out that "Zoom" was on the roof I paid close attention to it. So after a bit of research and thinking about it and I finally came up with I think that "Eddy Thawne" is "Zoom" Because when "Eddy"

shot himself he was sucked up into the worm hole he could have been in other world's recovering from shooting himself cause remember that in the world of comic's very few people stay dead and I think that "Eddy" is one of those people.


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