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The DCEU (DC extended universe) will possibly be one of the best cinematic universes ever created, and while we don't know a lot about the movies or characters thus far, one thing is certain; there's a storm coming Mr. Wayne. To compete with Marvel, DC is going to have to pull out all the stops and bring us the characters we've been dying to see on screen for so long. So who will play these characters? That's what we're here to help out with. We're going to suggest some actors to play possible future DC characters, and we hope you enjoy our first official post! (If you're wondering why the pronouns "we" and "us" keep popping up, click here to see our introduction post)

Metallo - Diedrich Bader

Diedrich Bader was one of the defining voice actors of my childhood. I love every role he plays whether it's a Grecian sailor or an alien mercenary. Due to his vast and varied experience, Diedrich would be absolutely stellar as Metallo, a role which would likely require motion capture and voice-over work.

Black Mask - Leonardo DiCaprio

I have always wanted to see Leo take on a superhero/villain role, and Black Mask would be the perfect choice because not only could Leo pull off both Black Mask's suave and witty side, he could also masterfully execute his darker and more violent nature with equal flair. Plus there's the fact that he'd be wearing a mask the whole time, which would definitely be a plus as well.

Black Manta - Denzel Washington

Honestly tell me that you can't see this working. Denzel Washington has proved countless times that he is a man of action, and he could be exactly what the DCEU needs to counter Jason Momoa's Aquaman. Black Manta is an underrated villain, and I think that casting Denzel Washington would fix that. Especially if they ditch the cheesy rubber-head-alien-looking diving helmet.

Brainiac - Ed Harris

If anyone could completely dominate the role of the psychopathic android collector Brainiac, I feel that it is Ed Harris. Ed has shown that he knows how to be the cold and calculating villain archetype without sacrificing any brawn for all of that brain. He is equally terrifying whether he is wielding a weapon or adapting his keen mind.

Booster Gold - Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris would totally crush it as Booster Gold. Don't believe me? Go watch literally any episode ever of How I Met Your Mother and then we'll talk some more. Back already? Wow, that was a short episode. Neil Patrick Harris has shown that he can definitely play well off of others and I think he could put a unique spin on the 25th century's favorite superhero!

Constantine - Colin Farrell

While many would argue that it doesn't get any better than Matt Ryan when it comes to casting Constantine, I believe that Farrell absolutely has what it takes to outshine him in this role. Colin is dark and brooding, as well as naturally British and resembling the character. If he were given the role, I don't think anyone would be disappointed with his performance.

Dr. Fate - Patrick Wilson

The main thing that Patrick Wilson brings to this character, in my opinion, is the look. He has the classic blonde hair, blue eyes, and superhero build that goes along with this character, and his acting skills match. This man has played a range of characters, including the second Nite Owl in Watchmen, from which he has experience working with Zack Snyder and playing a charismatic superhero. I believe that he could pull off the airy and otherwise spiritual characteristics of this character, and I would love to see him bring a little known character like this into fame.

Shazam - Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz is the perfect choice for Shazam not just because he's extremely muscular (he played Hercules after all), but because he actually acts like a large child in real life. He wouldn't have to act for this role, he could just be himself on screen as a superhero. Not only would this be an easy role for him, but it would ensure that this character is brought to the screen in the most accurate and best way possible.

Firefly - Charlie Day

While you may cringe at the thought of another comedic actor playing a Batman villain, tell me you can't envision Charlie Day playing an insane pyromaniac. Oh wait, you don't have to, go watch a few seasons of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Of course he may not have the physical characteristics of a super villain, but being concealed in a suit and helmet, this would not matter much. All Day is missing is a suit and a wing pack, and he would be the best version of Firefly we've ever seen.

Blue Beetle - John Krasinski

Being mainly a comedic role, John Krasinski has the hilarious personality and the physical appearance to pull off the character. He's recently started to move into action roles, and his body type resembles that of a superhero at this point. Besides that, I believe his Blue Beetle paired with Neil Patrick Harris's Booster Gold could be the ex-sitcom bread and butter that brings this duo together. Krasinski's witty humor backing up Harris's charming and more eccentric feel could truly bring this pair to life.

Martian Manhunter - Lance Reddick

Martian is one of the most powerful and influential members of the Justice League, yet, he hasn't gotten a movie. When he does in the near future though, who should play him? I think I have the answer, Lance Reddick. This actor has appeared in many TV shows, such as The Wire, and Lost. He has yet to make a major breakthrough on the big screen, but it seems like the role as Martian Manhunter was a match made in Heaven.

Nightwing - Dylan O'Brien

This up and coming actor has recently risen the ranks as one of the best younger actors in Hollywood. He has made his mark with The Maze Runner trilogy, and the hit show Teen Wolf. What's bigger than that? A superhero role. And it seems like the role as our favorite side-kick-gone-solo is the part that he could really benefit off of.

The Question - Jon Hamm

This Golden Globe and Emmy winner has definitely had the spotlight on him for a while with his groundbreaking role as Don Draper in Madmen. The one category that he hasn't really seen though, is the action world. Even though he may lack in experience, he makes up for in acting ability. Jon Hamm definitely has the look for The Question, and would make a one of a kind superhero.

Bane - Nathan Jones

Although this former WWE star may not be the most critically acclaimed actor, he definitely has the action experience to play the big, bad Bane. I am a huge fan of Tom Hardy, but I don't really think he quite fit the role. I think that Nathan Jones really brings the bulk effect to the character. And honestly, how much acting talent does it take to play Bane? Not much.

Mr. Freeze - J.K. Simmons

Ahhhhh, J.K. Simmons. This former J. Jonah Jameson has had his fair share of diverse roles. But his would be a first. He has played a character in a superhero film, but not a supervillain. Simmons has the look to pull off this fan-favorite Batman villain, and the charm to become a great villain.

Wildcat - Dennis Quaid

This is just too perfect, Quaid can play strong and brooding incredibly well. Sprinkle in some training and he'd have this role down. The brutality is there already, and you can't deny that he would kill it as Wildcat.

The Riddler - Mark Pellegrino

More than likely most well known for playing Lucifer on Supernatural, Pellegrino's natural creepy charm would win him this role in a heartbeat. He can be eccentric, strange, distant, a bit too close, and somehow strangely handsome, in fact after seeing Supernatural you could say he's DEVILishly handsome.

Cheetah - Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke is everything you want in an actress. She's beautiful, talented, and can be a total badass at any moment. Because of this, I think she would be perfect as Cheetah and would drop everybody's jaws.

Jason Todd - Dylan Minnette

Jason Todd needs to be played by a relatively unknown actor who still has talent and can make the character their own. I think Dylan Minnette would own it. It would definitely be a performance to remember.

The Atom - Zachary Levi

Dylan Minnette might be a performance to remember as Jason Todd, but Zachary Levi playing Atom is Robert Downey Jr playing Tony Stark level perfection. He's very smart, nerdy, and charismatic. Not to mention he has previous experience in a superhero film by playing Fandral from Thor. He deserves so much more attention in the comic book movie world and this would be absolutely perfect for him.


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