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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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As many of you probably have guessed already, I'm a big Harley Quinn fan, and most importantly, a Joker fan first.

The team
The team

And with comic book adaptations, it's very hard to gauge how the movie is going to come out like. I mean technically the only reason Harley was in the Suicide Squad was because she had a falling out with her pudding, and was imprisoned but of course as we've learned from comic books you never lock the crazies in a prison because all their going to do is have a prison riot. And because of this she was lured into the Suicide Squad and became even more bad ass then she was with her Mistah J.

So you can see why I'm pretty psyched and hyped for Suicide Squad already.

Harley and Deadshot
Harley and Deadshot

While I only know a little bit of the story of the Suicide Squad, I know that Harley fell in love with a team member of the Suicide squad(I can't really remember whether it was Deadpool or Deadshot) but either way she did, because he reminded her of the Joker and as we all know, Harley, was never really part of the Joker's plan, whether it be blatant manipulation or just needing more hench people, there's an unspoken chemistry between them that we can't deny.

Which brings me to my next point. In the trailer we see Jared's Joker trying to well for lack of the better term electro-shock her in an attempt most probably to make her understand what their really doing to the patients. It doesn't really go over well for me.

First of all you have to watch the video, then compare it to the comic books and the animated series and because that's most likely what we'll do in the movies and it doesn't pay homage to the Joker's smarts.

Because in the comic book and the animated series, we don't know if the Joker is simply lying to her or telling the truth, but it seems that it's mostly lies and some truths, but we can't be too sure, we are just like Harley unsure whether or not to believe him but he just seems so personal that it's kinda hard not to believe him, proving again he is a master of manipulation and he can even play a psychologist to his advantage.

And yes, a lot of the relationship is abusive, and you can say that Harley tolerated a lot although, many a fans see the ending of Injustice:Gods Among Us, for Harley as somewhat not something Harley would do, or if it was maybe not entirely in that way. Sure you can also say Joker lied about having feelings for her, but in one genuine scene from the animated series you could argue that he may have had feelings for her and just didn't know how to handle it and shot her. And the reason why we love Harley is not because she is a cute adorable character in the animated series or a bad ass character in the New 52, or the other reasons, it's because she's so relatable. She represents a part of our lives that we have been before, she's that replica that says yeah, I made a mistake in my life, with love and it's okay, because people make mistakes.

And if you want a really strong feminist message there's none stronger in my opinion, then Harley Quinn.

Now don't get me wrong, heroines are good feminine role models as well and I know that we're going to get a Wonder Woman cameo soon in the Batman vs Superman movie but, the thing about it is that's a little too safe, I mean, heroines always have to do the right thing and we've already got that with the Disney princesses, and don't get me wrong there's a difference and there's two ways about it, but, if you want something deeper, something closer to home, there's no one better to look at then Harley.

And so, I really hope that they don't stop here with Harley, because there's plenty more to explore, and there's plenty more you can do with her story, tying up the Batman stories, and even a Joker movie, if there is one to be made, because she's an integral part in their stories, whether it be betrayal, uncertainty or just plain insecurity, she's the one that's there to make everything tick.

I wish I could say more that they will look into a Harley Quinn movie, but they'll probably not especially in this PC world we live in today, and I think for Hollywood, she's a little too extreme, and the only time we'll get away with it is this movie, and if Margot Robbie does a good job at representing Harley, I think it'd be just fine, but it'd definitely leave me wanting more.


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