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I just found out TBS cancelled Your Family or Mine. I can no longer watch Kat Foster, Kyle Howard and their eccentric family's shenanigans. If you don't know what that show is, you're not alone, TBS didn't want you to know. Instead of writing an article entitled "Why TBS is run by Satan and not the cool Satan from The Devil's Advocate," I chose to instead to go back to the positive (even if it kills me) and talk about about the shows I want to stay on TV.

Kevin From Work

I recently just lost Ground Floor, also on TBS(those monsters). So I needed another workplace romantic comedy to feed my addiction and ABC heard my cries and brought me Kevin From Work. I love this show; the characters are fairly eccentric but they feel like a normal kind of eccentric, not TV eccentric where nobody acts like that ever. They feel like general annoying people that I might know in my real life and I like that.

This isn't one of those fandom shows that seems to have everyone talking about it always, I honestly never see anyone talking about it. I really don't know how anyone actually feels about it so I'm forced to assume either everyone loves it or only I love it. The critic reviews for it are so-so and that makes it a crap shoot. It's made by ABC (on ABC Family) so I can only hope it goes the way of Modern Family: still on long after I've kind of lost interest. (RIP Roommates and State of Georgia.)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I didn't like this show when I first saw it. I think I was in some kind of pseudo angry feminist mindset and I just thought "oh here we go again, a woman being called crazy for feeling anything ever." The title was kind of a put off for me but then I just kind of erased all my preconceptions from my mind and just tried to enjoy the show for what it was. It was rather awesome.

I'm a sucker for a good musical but that's not what got me. It's actually very well done and this chick is literally delusional but she's a scary sort of perfect crazy person. Her mindset is so wacked but it's kind of like watching a disaster, it's horrifying but you just can't seem to look away from this sinking ship. It's fun but in a kind of cringe, black comedy way.

Ash Vs Evil Dead

When I was thinking of this list I originally added this as an obligation thing because Ash is one of nerd culture's Gods. Then I started thinking about it and I honestly would hate for this show to get cancelled. It is so awesome. I've never actually watched any of Evil Dead. Everyone knows I hate Horror so honestly I wasn't completely sure why I decided to watch Ash vs The Evil Dead in the middle of the night in the first place.

It had a few jumps but it was so freaking awesome. It was just hilarious, everything about it is so exaggerated that it's just such a fun show to watch. I'm seriously addicted to this show. Nerds are still angry about Firefly (I can give or take) and that show never came back on, though it did get a movie, so I was thinking that it's best not to get my hopes up on this sinking ship since fans never really seemed to matter too much. However, there is supposed to be more Evil Dead films coming out so I'm going to assume it's going to be on but not declare that it's going to be around for a while because I don't want to jinx it. Fingers crossed though.

We Bare Bears

I wouldn't be the adorable, family disappointing manchild that I am if I didn't include at least one cartoon. This one isn't new to the Fall season it actually came out in July. I didn't even know TV shows came out in July to be completely honest. I though some came out in the Fall, others came out in the Spring and the rest of the year is just repeats and blockbuster movie season.

So these 15 minute episode TV shows have been doing fairly well on Cartoon Network, but I don't trust any TV channel ever. Especially not Cartoon Network after I lost Young Justice. Since Steven Universe is on perpetual hiatus, We Bare Bears has been an absolutely fantastic place holder. People always talk about how new cartoons suck and the old cartoons were way better but I've never felt quite as much as I do when I'm watching We Bare Bears with the kids. It shifts from fun, funny and silly, to adorable, to heart wrenching soul poison so easily and then it just keeps switching. Every relevant character has their own backstory and its feel trips are real without the need for emotional manipulation. A very fun TV show.

Adam Ruins Everything

Look at that hair, Look at it!! That's superhero hair; that's the hair of justice. Knowledgeman! Anyway, I hate documentaries, unless they're about animals. I find that most documentaries are basically "the world is on fire and it's all your fault because you're breathing" kind of situations. It's mostly because 90% of the documentaries I've seen were from my neo-hippy teachers pushing their agenda on me rather than having a dialogue.

However, I love Adam Ruins Everything. I appreciate all TruTV attempts to do; I watched the towing and pawn shows and stuff for a while and their world's dumbest but I definitely feel Adam Ruins Everything is the best thing to happen to TruTV. Adam Conover, the Adam, starts off the show telling the problem with everything we hold dear and how messed up things we think are sacred really are. Instead of blaming it on us, he is here to educate and show everyone is lying to you. However, at the end he tells you real and implementable everyday ways that we can help fix these things. Things like giving money instead of canned foods or other things that you have to watch the show to find out. Even when he doesn't tell us how we ourselves can fix it since it's more on a macro level, he at least makes the show enjoyable. I know I'd like to be best friends with Adam Conover.

Bonus: Black Jesus

LIke the picture says, I love Black Jesus. At first I didn't know why I loved Black Jesus but after a while I did. It really shines a light on the fact that people are people and there is a good chance they won't change. Small everyday miracles are important to notice and that God works in mysterious ways. It's funny because it shows normal people's relationship with Jesus except in the show he's actually there talking with them. His whole mission is to just spread the word and have people live their life better but people are always opposing him and it's fine. Especially when you know his main foil is a devout Christian going to a really corrupt church who feels like Jesus is just some crazy guy who believes he is Jesus. Also I ship Fish and Maggie.


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