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Ever After has got to be my favorite retelling of the Cinderella fairy tale to this date. I feel that this movie even surpasses the Disney live action Cinderella that was just released. Drew Barrymore and Dougray Scott are phenomenal actors. Not to mention Angelica Houston as the Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent. The entire film had so much emotion throughout. Now, before you start ranting that this shouldn't be remade because it's such a classic telling of the story, bear with me. It's been seventeen years since this movie has been released. It's part of my childhood and will always be part of my childhood, but what would the cast look like today if this movie were to be recast and rebooted? Below are my choices to play the iconic characters of such a great movie.

Danielle de Barbarac: Jennifer Lawrence

Don't get me wrong, I loved Drew Barrymore as Danielle. She was amazing. But if this movie were to be remade today, I can honestly see Jennifer taking on this role and smashing it like she has with so many of her other roles. She has that capability of showing the same emotion that Drew Barrymore did. Plus, I'd love to see her in the period attire.

Prince Henry: Jackson Rathbone

Dougray Scott portrayed Prince Henry very well. There was emotion on his face, but I can honestly see Jackson doing a wonderful job as Prince Henry because he holds this majestic attitude that would fit perfectly for the time period within this movie. Plus, I feel that Jennifer and Jackson would have really good chemistry together. Prince Henry also has to have that young, childlike demeanor about him since he doesn't seem to take the crown seriously. Even though Jackson gives off that serious demeanor a lot, I think that he could pull off that adventurous and rebellious attitude of Prince Henry.

Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent: Helena Bonham Carter

As much as I would love to keep Anjelica Huston within the role of the Baroness, if this movie were to be recast, I don't think it'd be possible to keep her. On the one hand, you may think my choice for Rodmilla is a bit eccentric considering how Helena tends to portray her characters. But thinking of the character itself, Rodmilla is a cold, calculated manipulator of royalty in order to make herself a better name. I feel that Helena can recreate that coldness considering her role as Bellatrix Lestrange in the Harry Potter Franchise. Yes, Bellatrix had quite a few loose wires in the brain and it was a really good role for Helena, but I still feel that she can pull off a more serious role like Rodmilla de Ghent if given the opportunity to do so.

I only cast the three main characters mostly because these three are what the story revolves around. Yes, the supporting cast needs to be just right as well, but for the big three these are my choices if someone were to consider remaking this wonderful movie.


Do you agree with my choices?


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