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"Saturday, March 24th, 1984. Shermer High School. Shermer, Illinois. 60062."
Khalil Wright

Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but I definitely think Batman would beat him Spidey-senseless...sorry, I had to do it.

And here's why!

1. Batman Is Smarter Than Spider-Man

For a teenager, Peter Parker is probably one of the smartest. In time he could even have intelligence comparable to Iron Man or perhaps Mr. Fantastic, but... his smarts still pale in comparison to Batman's. I won't go on and on about the feats Bruce Wayne has accomplished with his smarts alone. However, I read this Justice League of America comic, #112, and it showed Batman saving the entire Justice League from the villainous Amazo with only half the intelligence he had before. Pretty amazing!

2. Batman Has Beaten People 10x Tougher Than Spider-Man

So the first thing you're gonna say is, "The same could be said for Spider-Man," and I know that, folks. Batman can find ways to stand his ground with godlike beings, though. And even more impressive? He doesn't even have his own powers to prepare with. He's only limited to his intellect and...

3. Batman Has Way More Money Than Spider-Man

Ever heard of the saying "money is the greatest superpower?" Well, it may be true in this case. Spider-Man can prepare for his fight with Batman, but he has his limits. He can't go out and buy or create the stuff that would really give him that edge over some of his foes. Batman on the other hand, can prepare for almost any fight because of his wealth. He can create and buy whatever he needs to in order to beat his opponent, even if that means a suit dedicated to just defeating the amazing Spider-Man alone.

4. Batman Is A Better Fighter Than Spider-Man

It's said that Batman knows over 127 styles of fighting. Which is incredible compared to Spider-Man, who is more reliant on his Spider-senses and reflexes. Besides, if inferior characters like Kraven or Mysterio can hit Spider-Man despite his altered senses, so could Batman.

5. Batman Is More Experienced Than Spider-Man

Spider-Man is generally...still just a kid. While Batman is usually a hero with many years of experience on him. Spider-Man just doesn't have the experience it takes to beat a hero like Batman. Both Bruce Wayne and his sleuth alter-ego Batman has gone through a wide array of situations and and has been up against a wide array of characters. Spider-Man is skilled, but not as skilled as the Batman. And this is avoiding all of the different timelines, universes, and crossovers.


Who'd win, Batman or Spider-Man?


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