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Well, we're finally here. These past six weeks have been quite the experience. I've laughed, I've cried (not really), and have learned a lot. While I do have a lot say, I'm going to keep this somewhat short, otherwise I will just keep going on and on. I honestly can't believe it's over.

So here are my thoughts of this experience in a nutshell.

Week One: Why We Write

This seemed like an easy subject to tackle. People should know why it is they are writing. I write, because I feel there's a lot on my mind, and I want to share it with the rest of the world. I love movies, which is why I dedicated that week to writing about The Oscars. This helped me solidify my beliefs, and put my mind on track.

Week Two: Creating The Perfect Headline

I never truly grasped how important the headline was. It's the first thing people see when they look at your article, and can be the difference between someone ignoring your article, or continuing on to read it. It has to have a mix of vital information, with mystery so there's temptation to get more readers.

Week Three: Structuring An Article

There are many types of form an article can have. Each one to fit the subject that you are writing about. You have to utilize these and use them to your advantage. It was fun experimenting with all these, so I could find the perfect choice.

Week Four: Sourcing, Plagiarism, and Proofreading

One thing people must keep in mind, is that if a piece of work does not belong to you, you must give credit to where credit is due. Otherwise you are plagiarizing, or stealing someone else's work. It is important to come up with your own ideas, or at least give recognition. Also, going over your work and revising it is very important. No one wants to read an article full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. So it is important to go over your work constantly.

Week Five: The Power of Format

There are plenty of ways to format an article to fit your liking. Each way having its own strength and weaknesses. Things like quizzes, and fancastings are ways to format your article, and make it good quality. It was fun to play with these settings, and use them to my liking.

Week Six: The Power of Positivity

What's the point of writing, if you won't be happy while doing it? No matter what your topic is, it's important to remember you are writing for others to read. So you must keep a good and positive attitude. Otherwise your reader will disengage and move on. Never forget that lesson, or else your writing will lack flare and life.

I could go on and on, but to keep it simple, all I will say is these six weeks have been awesome, and it was cool meeting other writers, who were also trying to meet our writing goals. Mike Fleck has been a great mentor, and has taught me a lot. It was a lot of fun learning from him.

After 24 articles, I'm pretty worn out, and will most likely stop writing for a bit, but I will return. And I will have become stronger as a writer, than you could possibly imagine. Until then take care!


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