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No one was very impressed by the way Apocalypse looked in the trailer for 2016's [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267). A lot of people said he looks like a power ranger villain, a death metal rock star or just a plain joke, which was not too incorrect.

neither am I
neither am I

but what could save him from being a silly joke? isn't obvious? his infamous four horsemen! four mutants he genetically modifies and control to help his cause. even thought the movie will not involve any modification of people, it will have persuasion of four mutants into becoming the horsemen.

the titles of death, war, famine and pestilence has been given to various superheroes and villains, but which of those will get to serve apocalypse and try save his reputation? lets figure it out!

archangel: death

archangel concept art
archangel concept art

archangel is probably the most well known and consistent horseman. he has been confirmed to be in the movie, and by the look of his metal wings (given to him by apocalypse in the comics) he is most probably going to be the most fearsome of the four

as i said before, he is going to be death, the strongest horseman and also the most notable title of archangel.

psylocke: famine

in the comics, psylocke has actually also been the horseman of death numerous times, but she is less famous for it. I did not put her in war or pestilence because the characters there fit better, so famine was left. this ninja psychonic telepathic mutant was shown in the trailer along with storm next to apocalypse, but not seen very much afterwards.

psylocke is one of my favorite x men, so I am extremely happy she is coming to the big screen, lets just hope that Olivia Munn does a god job with her.

storm: pestilence

storm has never been a horseman in the comics, but she was pestilence in the x men: evolution tv series. storm has been one of the only characters I'm completely satisfied with so far, so I have great hopes for her. she will probably connect with apocalypse because of her origins. in it, she was left in Egypt after her parents died when their house got wrecked by a plane. than apocalypse took her in and thought her how to control her powers, which is probably how she will meet him in the movie.

magneto: war

magneto has also been a horseman of apocalypse in evolution, along with storm, professor x , and mystique. all the other mutants are on the good side this time but magneto (who looks awesome) was shown on a poster with apocalypse and his fellow horseman psylocke.

the only way I can think of right now of why he will be with him is that he just believes in apocalypses way as he always did.

so that is it! those are a 4 horsemen! hope you liked this article! what is your thought about it?


are you excited for x men: apocalypse?


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