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Let's face it, no-one stays truly dead on this show. It used to always be something along the lines of someone faking their deaths, but with the lazarus pit introduced, it had a lot of potential to bring the dead back.

In a way it's great -- I mean Sara's back, can we ask for more?! But the dead should stay dead, right? I think the Arrow writers quickly discovered that and that's probably why they had Nysaa al Ghul make sure the pit could not be used again.

So here's a list of everyone who died in Arrow but then again, they didn't. If you think I left any out, don't be afraid to let me know in the comment section below.

Malcolm Merlyn

You can't hate Malcolm! His presence always leaves you wanting more. We saw him dying in season one while he was having a deadly brawl with Oliver, but he then returned in the season finale of season two, leaving fans shocked! He played a larger role in season three and ended up becoming Ra's al Ghul.


Sara technically died twice, right? First Oliver mentioned in the present that Sara didn't make it to the island and that she drowned. Later in season two, we saw her taking on the role of the Canary. Fans loved seeing her fighting crime, but it didn't last long, we saw her die again in the first episode of season three, but was later being resurrected in the lazarus pit in season four. Looks like she just doesn't wanna leave, or the writers can't give up this character, just yet!

Oliver Queen

The show had the guts to kill off the main character of the show, but of course it wasn't permanent. Shortly after his death, Maseo carried Queen's body and took it to Tatsu for healing. Some argue he wasn't dead, what do you think?


Her death was pretty brutal! She was crushed on a glass table, and then stabbed in the heart -- it was something no fan was expecting. But with Oliver being such a loving brother he accepted Ra's al Ghul offer to become the next demon's head to get her a dip in the pit. But as we can see in season four, the side effects from the pit are definitely starting to take place.


Roy was an honorable member of Team Arrow. He took one for the team by pretending he was the Arrow so Oliver didn't end up behind bars. He faked his death in prison, and left the city which was once called Starling City. Fans did tear up, but look what he tweeted!


Diggle was always emotional about his brother's death. We knew that the organization, H.I.V.E told Deadshot to kill Andy. Diggle always wanted to know why they killed his brother, and the producers promised we would find out more in season four. And we did, his death was faked. Some may say he was 'Winter Soldiered'.

The dead are never really dead in Arrow. This leaves us with the question, who's in the grave from the first episode of season four? This definitely isn't a death that can be faked since that person is already buried, nor can the pit save them after what Nysaa did. Is this going to be a death that will stick? Let me know in the comment section below!


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