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According to Spidey's uncle- Ben,

With great power, comes great responsibility.

Well, what if the power wasn't that great? What if you had a superpower that didn't have anything 'super' in it? Thanks to 9gag, we now have the answer to the question. Here is list of 20 useless (or maybe somewhat useful) superpowers and the things you could do if you had them.

Control Remote Control

This superpower obviously can't be used during long chases after bad guys. However, it would be nice to have it while watching Daredevil on Netflix.

Seduce Hats

Stopping crime has nothing to do with seducing hats, but I'm pretty sure that Deadpool has this superpower.

Detect Trash

This power is useless unless you're a garbage man. No, not the Marvel character 'Garbage Man'; just the normal trash-collecting garbage man.

Invisible Handwriting

If you want to get kicked out of school immediately like Thor was kicked out from Asgard, this power is for you.

Acid Tears

Acid Tears are not of any help to anyone. In fact, they may turn out to be a curse for your face if you had them. Just go and ask Baron Zemo.

Instant Hair-loss

This is something even The Thing from Fantastic Four isn't proud of. Thus I'm positive you wouldn't want it either.

Super Slo-Mo

Everyone has super speed- The Flash, Quicksilver, Superman and even my pizza delivery guy. Try having super slo-mo for once. You'd be famous among turtles; umm...except the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Abnormal Arm-hair Growth

Abnormal Arm-hair Growth can't be considered a superpower. But hey...your arms look like freakin' Grodd's now.

One Second Super Strength

I'm not sure you could do much with superhuman strength for just a second unless you're fast like sh*t. It would have been better if you had it a little bit longer like Bruce Banner, no?

Communicate With Fruit

Great! Now you can know how an apple feels when you bite it. I bet you'll never eat fruits again. However, I believe one can't stop Goku from eating them even with this power.

Read Your Own Mind

Does reading your own mind mean that you're thinking about something that you're already thinking about? Or does it mean that you're thinking that you're thinking about something? Let's just not think about it...


You'd always have to stick around with Aquaman with this ability. You two would be like best buddies.

Absorb Bad Luck

This means that every unlucky thing will happen to you. So basically, you're the same as a thug living in Gotham.

Invisibility in the Dark

Invisibility is something that Batman doesn't even need during the day. But even if you're not an extremely skilled ninja like he is, invisibility in the dark isn't something you'd want.

Really Low Flight

This is like when Superman is around Kryptonite. If you can't do anything amazing with this power, don't worry as he couldn't do much either.

Bullet Attraction

You're dead right now. Magneto will be proud.

Turn into a Laptop Forever

If you turn into a laptop and don't have consciousness, it means you're most probably dead like Sebastian Shaw. If you have consciousness, it means you can think but you can't move like Charles Xavier. Either way, you're like the X-Men!

Just'd stink with a power like this.

Revive Bugs

Though it seems cool, with this superpower you'd be doing nothing except increasing bug population. If I had it, I would definitely revive Anthony from Ant-Man though.

Summon A Lamp...Once

It'd be of no help in defeating goons, but at least you'll have a cool (probably) lamp. So unless it's the Genie's Lamp from Alladin, this power is pretty much useless.

Ultra-Fast Aging

Kate Winslet once said,

Life is short, and it is to be lived here.

I guess she was right. Johnny Quick from Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths aged really fast once and he didn't feel good about it.

As the above facts suggest, these superpowers are not of much use. Would you still want one of them?


Which one would you want?


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