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When a speedster from an alternate universe with a meta-human army is out to kill you, isn’t that motive enough? This week’s episode of The Flash was about the pursuit of happiness.

Having captured Dr. Light, the S.T.A.R. Labs team is bringing the battle against Zoom to the frontline of Earth 1. In a series of events that recruits Linda Park into battle, the fight against Zoom was set to be anything but successful. Using tech designed by Cisco, Linda Park disguises herself as Dr. Light to stage Barry’s death and bait Zoom onto Earth 1.

Not entirely redundant, the episode sparked some theories about the impending return of Robbie Amell as Ronnie.

In her cell, Dr. Light explains to Barry that she didn’t want to kill him, only trying to kill Linda in an attempt to fool Zoom and gain her freedom. Upon her success of killing Barry, she was supposed to throw something of the Flash’s through the breach to prove he was dead. Light, before ultimately escaping, had promised the Flash that she would aid them in catching Zoom.

Instead, the team is foolish enough to keep the Flash a secret from Patty. As we see suspicion start to arise, Patty and her ability to predict Dr. Light’s powers, seem to have our writers eager to do her character the justice of having Patty’s keen observation skills identify the Flash herself and stand out from Barry’s other romantic interests.

Admittedly, not wanting to give Barry more than one love interest’s life to save, his focus on Zoom becomes a display of trust in just about everyone - including Wells.

While no Eobard Thawne, the personal ties between Wells and Zoom are far from forgiving. With an ego that is borderline dangerous, flashbacks of Earth 2 reveal that Wells doesn’t feel guilty about his role in the Particle Accelerator; instead revering in the evolution of science. Adding to the tension between his daughter and himself, Jess leaves—only to be captured by Zoom—in favor of Jay Garrick’s Flash, shocked by the distinction science causes between her Father and “Dr. Harrison Wells”. With a God complex of his own, is the monstrous Zoom a subject of Wells’ Dr. Frankenstein personality.

Who is the monster here?
Who is the monster here?

Perhaps we are to be more literal when Wells reveals he created Zoom. Minus a reenactment of Robert De Niro slipping around in KY Jelly.

Amongst the concerned, Jay Garrick is absent once more; unwilling to help Barry get killed at in his pursuit of Zoom. Present and very much worried is Joe. Unable to see the target on the Flash’s back as reason enough, Joe worries that the threat Barry feels is displaced after being able to directly kill the Reverse Flash. Empathetic, Caitlin wants to know what happened between Zoom and Wells to make it personal, pressing Cisco to get a vibe from him. In another Earth 2 flashback, Harrison Wells discovers that Zoom has his daughter. Her fate unknown to anyone but us at this point.

Cisco eventually vibes that Jess is being held by Zoom, who wants to know why Wells is on Earth 1. Zoom calls Jess, "Jessie," implying a personalization that may mean that Wells knows who Zoom really is. This is reinforced when Wells argues that Zoom is human…or was, at least. Will Wells ego prevent him from admitting to a mistake that endangered Jess’ life? With his tie to Zoom out in the open, how forthcoming will Wells be? For the love of Tom Cavanagh, we can only hope that Wells becomes human enough to regain a permanent place in the series.

In the battle to bait Zoom, Linda throws Barry’s emblem into the breach. While thought to be unsuccessful, Wells, questioning Zoom’s motive for the first time says, “This is everything he wants, right?”

Which begs the question, does Zoom even know about Barry? How did he learn of this? Or is his vendetta purely personal against Jay Garrick’s Flash? Zoom, according to Harrison Wells, is obsessed with speed.

Feeling like they have failed and with no new plan in mind, Barry admits his motive to stop Zoom so quickly stems from Pseudo-Wells telling him he isn’t happy in the future. Deciding to pursue happiness despite his role as the Flash, Barry declares that Patty is what makes him happy.

While Linda learning of Barry’s alter-ego seemed threateningly intimate to the new couple, Barry’s assertiveness is reassuring for the few of us who love Patty.

In the pursuit of happiness for another character, perhaps the emblem thrown to Earth 2 can be used by Ronnie—assuming he is there—to communicate with Cisco and Caitlin. He is a scientist, after all. Despite Jay, Caitlin is inextricably linked to Ronnie - as is Professor Stein.

Turning the games against him, Zoom finds Linda, baiting Barry into coming to her rescue.

In battle, Zoom proves to be the fastest man/thing alive and catches Barry’s thunderbolt.

Taking speed out of the question, Barry relies on the scientist within him to gain equal speed created by a free-fall battle against Zoom.

With Wells failing to help Barry, Zoom injects Barry with the speed dampening serum and threatens Wells as his next victim.

Zoom takes a tour of the Central City World showcase and introduces himself to the press with the Flash at his mercy, declaring, “He is no hero.” Unable to confine the threat of Zoom, things are bound to get more convoluted from here on out. With Oliver Queen’s knowledge of Zoom—as seen in Arrow’s flash-forward—will a crossover episode be necessary to defeat Zoom?

In a haze of power, Zoom ends his tour at S.T.A.R. Labs, having been weakened by the serum on Cisco’s hand. With Barry barely alive, and unable to feel his legs, next week seems to focus on the return of Grodd.

Having chilled in the sewers for 6 months, our trust in Harrison Wells’ is due to be tested. With meta-doppelgängers and villain-baiting disguises, the Reverse Flash may be set to return when biologist Caitlin is kidnapped to help Grodd create more telepathic gorillas… (perhaps he wants to Netflix&Chill in the sewer system).

The Flash continues Tuesday 8|7c on the CW!


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