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Up above is the trailer for the new episode of The Flash!

Ok so in the trailer we hear and see a lot of things! Let's Start!

Looks like Spivett knows about Grodd but Grodd isn't really even a metahuman. We hear Barry say that he doesn't have speed because he cannot feel his legs. This is gonna make it hard to beat him. I think Barry still has his speed but just not in his legs. Also is Barry using Harrison Wells old wheel chair? Maybe they use that object Harrison Wells had to be able to run. Wait no! Harrison Wells had his legs so never mind! Anyway I want the CW to show us more Grodd! He is such a good character!

Grodd could be so good if they keep going on with him. I know zoom is the main villain in this season, but I think next season they should consider Grodd to be the main villain. Barry had a lot of trouble beating him last time! And Grodd wasn't even at his strongest then!

He is such a good character in the comics! I am soooooo verrrrrrry excited for this week's episode. I think they should show less of the other villains and just focus more on Grodd. This week's episode looks very good and I just cannot wait!

Season 2 continues Tuesdays on The CW.

What do you guys think of Grodd? Let me know in the comments below!


What do you think of Gorilla Grodd on The Flash

-Lex Munn


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