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Don't be worried if you are one of the countless people who knows absolutely nothing about super-heroine Jessica Jones, because I'm here to enlighten you. When it was first announced I knew very little too. Who is this Jessica Jones you speak of? Why not make a Moon Knight show? Well I guess I'd still be writing that article too if that was the guess. So, get ready for a crash course about her superhuman abilities, origin, comic book history, and some fun facts. Let's dive in!


If you don't know anything about Jones don't feel bad. She is relatively new to the comic world. Introduced in 2001 by comic book legend Brian Michael Bendis in her own original series called Alias. And no it has nothing to do with the Jennifer Garner TV show. Jessica Jones was Jessica Campbell. After a trip to Disneyland, her mother, father, brother, and her got into an accident with a military truck carrying chemicals. Jessica was the only one who survived, but she was in a coma for a few months. Once she recovered she was adopted by the Jones family, and found out she had super powers.

She took on the superhero alias Jewel, and started to fight crime. She was an Avenger for a limited time fighting along side of her friend Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel.


Jessica Jones has super human strength. The limits of her strength are not known. She can stop a slow moving car, has resistance to physical harm, and she can fly. She is unsure if she is bullet proof. She is also a good detective, and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. Jessica also drinks, smokes, and swears. In the new Netflix show it looks like she drinks a lot, swears very little, and smokes almost never.

More Comic Book Background

She was originally not going to be introduced into the Marvel world. Bendis was going to write for Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, for his MAX series. MAX is the more explicit dark world of Marvel. But since there were some continuity problems, he wrote an entirely new character. Giving us Jessica Jones swearing and drinking heavily.

After having success with the Avengers, she ran into one of Daredevil's villains, the Purple Man. He tortured her, and made her commit crimes with him for months. This is the most famous story of hers, and it seems like the show will take place after those events.

Once Jessica recovered from all those months at the hands of the Purple Man. She was left broken emotionally, and unsure what to do with her talents. She had no place as a superhero, and later became a low level PI. Hidden from the world, and never put on her costume again.

Her Husband

Even the most casual of comic book fans know that Jessica Jones, and the hero-for-hire Luke Cage get married. They even have a baby! But I doubt that part will come up in the show. At least not for while.

But Cage and Jessica were not always together. Jessica spilt from Cage for awhile before going back to him. During that time Jessica's best friend Carol Danvers set her up with Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man. She broke up with him after telling Scott she was pregnant with another mans child. Jessica and Cage had their baby, and then got married in front of all of their superhero friends.

Now that you know a little bit more about Ms. Jones you can pick up her new comic book coming out, or be one step ahead of the show. Which comes out on Netflix on November 20th. Don't Miss It!

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