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Another 30 minutes of gross out frentic fun has gone but very little got learned in the process. Ash was shown to have some weaknesses, for example why did he want to summon another deadite? Seriously did he think his plan would really work? But it was good to see because Ash did learn a lesson- that he really needs his pals. Pablo saved his life and then Kelly intervened. But Books From Beyond will also be remembered for Detective Amanda Fisher and Ash's first shared screen time and they didn't get off to a good start.


After being treated to just small snippets of Lucy Lawless in previous episodes, Books From Beyond finally gave us some downtime with her character Ruby Knowby. From what we could tell from the opening of the show she's going to be quite a kick ass vengeful character. She finds the trail to Kelly's dead parents 'non Jewish graves' and then has to deal with a dead dad deadite before killing him again without breaking sweat. I think we can presume that she will turn up next at the book shop featured in this episode.


When Pablo thought of a name for the team it was thankfully met with a huge negative and expletive, which helps. Ghost beaters, er you sure! But the team led by Ash really made a mockery of themselves in this episode. Tying up a detective, summoning a deadite to help their problems? They didn't have a clue, and in turn that was the whole charm of Books From Beyond. For every Jack Burton there is an Ash Williams and Pablo Simon Bolivar.


I guess it was coming wasn't it? When Ash reached the bookstore for help, Detective Fisher was there and after a photofit exchange on her cell phone knew that she had her man. But no one was trusting anyone here even if they are in theory on the same side, the side to stop the deadites. After trapping Ash, Pablo chirps in and knocks her out and she is later tied up so Ash and the propreitor of Books From Beyond can get on with summoning up a demon through the necronomicon.


Whilst each episode has shown us the famed Necronomicon aka the book of the dead, episode 3 went that one bit further. Not only did we get to see way more unseen drawings from the book but we also learned a little more about its history through book store owner, Lionel Hawkins. Bound in human flesh- that's a line that just never grows old in The Evil Dead universe.


So Eligos was Ash's idea of getting help from the deadites, and it turned out so well that both he and Pablo got mind warped and store owner Lionel Hawkins was turned into a demon. Ash asked for a minor demon to be summoned, and Eligos was anything but. The deadite which looked more in line with a cenobite from the Hellraiser movies seemed rather annoyed to be disturbed and was the scariest deadite we've seen on the series so far. And what was that mindwarp that Eligos gave Ash several times and Pablo? Seemed like he was messing with their brains. Something tells us we haven't seen the end of Eligos and/or the effects left on Ash and Pablo.


Ash became less handy so to speak on Books From Beyond after he was handcuffed by Detective Fisher, but he got the last laugh when she cuffed his dear old Woody, and he simply slipped off the hand and then had her tied up as the team left the store. After, he made a point to Pablo and Kelly that he had lost woody. Does this mean we will get to see some other kick ass replacements? It would very much seem so.


Low ratings for a show usually mean cancellation and unfortunetly for Ash vs Evil Dead ratings have been nothing to write home about. This is a shame given that the show has had glowing reviews for all its 3 episodes shown so far. The series has a great blend of horror and comedy and looks after a more mainstream audience whilst always giving a nod to its hardcore faithful fans. So why are ratings so low?

The show is on Saturday nights- people are either out or just doing something else and this seems to have affected the show. Look at The Walking Dead which airs on a Sunday for evidence, Sunday people stay at home. El Jefe the first episode brought in 437,000 viewers which was seen as poor, however Bait followed that up with just 276,000. This is certainly something that all fans will be keeping a look out for. With Season 2 confirmed, Starz should perhaps look to move the show to a different day, Monday would be perfect.



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