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I watch a lot of television like a lot of television(and movies) thought I'd do something with it if i can.

Does anyone remember the last episode of The Flash season 1 of course you do may I say epic. Well during the amazing fight sequence Firestorm, Oliver Queen, Flash and our good friend Eobard Thawne (May I say ass kicked). Remember when Thawne and Oliver were fighting and Eobard says these choice words..

“The history books say that you live to be 86”

Well first can I just say Oliver Queen is in History books?!! Wtf?!

Secondly is he talking about Oliver Queen or The Arrow?

I can only assume that by that time people might as well know he’s The Arrow excuse me the Green Arrow so is he in the “the history books” because he’s the Green Arrow or because Oliver Queen did something great. Imagine doing good your whole life without anyone ever knowing thats gotta sting but in Earth 2 Robert Queen (Robert?) was unmasked maybe Oliver will be too.

If it is Oliver what did he do?

No offense but what can he do, considering he spends all of his time fighting crime and I thank him for it but I have a hard time seeing Oliver Queen getting a job let alone building something or inventing something. If anyone would I would say Felicity and Ray are the inventors wait could he be written in as husband of Felicity? probably not.

So why is he in the books?

Well that only leaves people finding out he’s The Green Arrow (and Arrow he was both those guys) and his mayoral reign.

Now back to the main thing: Oliver Queen can’t die

If Oliver Queen is said to live till age 86 he can never die (till 86). So no matter where the show leads he will be alive (duh…his show). Also he would be important enough for people to know who he is and when he died. I mean anyone can be recorded in history but you really have to be important to be in a history book and for people for example Eobard to remember you. And can I just say this Eobard knew who The Arrow was so does that just mean the Oliver will be uncovered as Arrow?

Now we know that Oliver Queen is the protagonist and couldn’t die anyway but now we have sure-fire proof that he won’t unless someone else comes back from the future and lets be real if they wanted to kill him they would have killed him by now. I mean it’s time travel they would’ve gut him as a kid for example Eobard’s plan which well failed miserably.

So I guess there really wasn’t much to gain from this knowledge other than some “oh that’s nice” and to know that maybe people of Star City will finally know who to Thank (or curse). But at least we can take comfort in the fact the The Green Arrow lives on and hopefully the show does too.


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