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Spectre is the 24th installment in the most popular spy franchise of all time with Daniel Craig in his fourth (possibly final) outing as Agent 007. In this film, he is led to discovering a top-secret villain organization from a cryptic message, which leads to a battle that may be more personal than Bond believes.

The opening scene of the film is the Day of the Dead celebration, which contains one of the best camera tracking shots I've ever seen. The action scene was amazing, and completely made me even more excited. This is the first Craig outing where he performs the famous gun-barrel scene at the very beginning of the movie. Director Sam Mendes, who previously directed Skyfall, was more intent on having this film hilt more on action sequences versus Skyfall's intricate story that included action sequences. This, unfortunately, wasn't the best move.

What made Skyfall amazing was its ability to be taken seriously, had an interesting story, tons of mystery, a compelling villain, and spectacular action that was more of an addition to the plot. However, Spectre is more focused on ridiculous action sequences that, while they're really cool, don't add much to the overall story. Also, this is the first Craig Bond that really went back to the more classic days of Bond where he sleeps with more women and just blows a lot of stuff up. He has a mind-blowing fight on a train which is just awesome to see and has a great line by Dave Bautista who plays the giant henchmen Hinx. This was another send-back to Jaws who is widely considered to be Bond's greatest henchmen foe.

Spectre is a disappointment with its villain and its story. The villain is played by legendary actor Christoph Waltz who has a spectacular introduction that is incredibly suspenseful. However, he is only in 3 scenes in the film and ends up being a villain who (SPOILERS) wants vengeance on Bond because he was his foster brother who bonded with his father; he's not reduced to another villain who wants to blow up the world in a secret base that must have cost millions and plenty of people knowing about the site. With the Sony hacks, the screenplay was leaked so it had to be re-written; Furious 7 also had to re-write the script after Paul Walker's death, which made both films suffer. Spectre feels like the ENTIRE 3rd act was re-written because it doesn't make a lot of sense and the conclusion was just way too ridiculous.

Lastly, the bond girl's relationship with Bond is so bad that I just could not believe it at all; even though some chemistry was there, it happened so fast that I was sitting there saying what to myself. I struggle to believe that out of the hundred of women Bond has bedded that this Bond Girl metaphorically and physically got under his skin.

However, Spectre was a blast to watch even with all its flaws. I had a very good time seeing it with my father who has been watching Bond since he was 7 years old when Doctor No came out in '62. The action, while ridiculous, was really fun to see and there was lots of comedy infused with it especially the car chase through Rome. This was a fun movie; it's no where near the level Skyfall is, but it as a lot more action for fans who believed Skyfall didn't have enough, they will have an absolute blast with the film...


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