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Until we'd arrived at the Avengers, the MCU's one priority was to establish enough character development for everyone, even Hawkeye received major character development as a villain in The Avengers. With Iron Man being the massive lead in Phase 1, were other solo-movie characters notably influenced by it?

1. Both intro(s) take place twice after short flashbacks

Remember how they started with the introduction in bits and pieces, which made it much more coherent a little later in both movies?

2. Traitors within the team

Obadiah wanted Stark dead to take over his throne and Loki wanted Thor dead for Asgard's throne, they're basically one and the same.

3. Influence in character

From eccentric billionaire to superhero, when he survived his kidnap, and was kept alive for something even worse, it had a massive impact on the way he perceived the world from that point on. Thor's banishment to Earth only made him more humanized and the better person his father always knew he would become.

4. Both eventually kind of snub a secondary villain but it's really no big deal

Uh, sorry guys. You'll just have to hang in there.

5. Posters

Lucky guess.
Lucky guess.

6. One-off villainous roles

Yeah, remember that terrorist who uh... I don't even know his name but the scene where Iron Man smashed his fist through the wall and pulled him out was indeed a cool way of getting the job done. Loki used the destroyer for a villainous purpose, Thor died temporarily, only to get back his hammer and take it down with style. Still a weird similarity to be honest.

7. A Nick Fury cameo which should be obvious but is uncalled for

Tony Stark wasn't even cool on seeing the guy in his very house, while Erik Selvig felt lost on his way down to the lab where Fury enlightens him on the "Legend tell us one thing, history another..." thing. In both cases, the greeting feels cold and uncalled for.

So there you go, which similarity do you think fits exactly in both cases?


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