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// You’ll recognize in misfit film director Fabrizio Federico’s new movie Pregnant a sublimely twisted plot about the meltdown of the current social media generation. But at it’s heart is a foreshadowing of an eclipsed artificial future. In the movie technology addiction is at an all time high, ruled by a society of indulgent 'kidults' obsessed with phones, computers and Facebook Likes; currently the UK’s major treatment centre for technology addiction is the Nightingale Hospital in London. Pregnant is very similar to watching a mix tape of Mass-Media Hysteria, it portrays the hypnoses of humanity. But its greatest concept is that it goes out of its way to encourage people to stop watching and to start taking part in life and to also start making your own movies. Federico is the leader of the Punk Cinema movement which inspires people to go out and created feature films on your mobile phones on a micro budget; and including your friends and family in your movies.

Pregnant: directed by Fabrizio Federico
Pregnant: directed by Fabrizio Federico

(Mini Interview)

Where did the idea for Pregnant come from? I saw my five year old nephew glued to an iPad and it was scary watching how obsessed he was with it. I suddenly got this feeling that future generations are going to miss out on a lot of the worlds natural beauty. It’s the same when you go to a gig, people are more busy filming the show instead of living in the moment. Humanity is going to become more self-centered while sleepwalking through life. I’ve already noticed that a lot of people these days have trouble making eye contact and that they can't go 5min without checking their phones. Maybe it’s an illness.

How did the film develop? Pure accident. I never studied filmmaking, I just learnt everything by trial and error and from DVD Commentaries. Filming started in Spain at a commune called Sunseed out in the desert. Shortly after that I fell out of a tree and broke my foot while I was filming a cat. I got the feeling the whole shoot was cursed so me and the cast did a Shamanic séance one night, the next day a large fire broke out at the Assembly Rooms. It’s lucky no one was killed while we were making this movie.

What would you like people to learn from Pregnant? To simply enjoy life and to believe in yourself, take a step back from social media and don’t risk your life in order to take the perfect Selfie. As for the other creative rebels out there Id like to see a generation gap in the cinema industry, which will overthrow the status-quo of the mainstream. Pregnant’s aesthetic is to believe in one’s self, embrace DIY Culture and to shine on.

Whats next for you? I'm organizing the 1st online Straight-Jacket Guerrilla Film Festival which will bring a lot of strange and interesting films all under one roof, the deadline is March 1st 2016 for all submissions: and Jett Hollywood (film maker alter-ego from Mars) has created a documentary called The Evolution of the Earth Angel.

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