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To whom it may concern,

I would like to address the backlash directed at one Emmet Brickowoski over his allegedly "sole original thought." Recently Mr. Brickowoski was approached by two known outlaws who used his unfortunate circumstances to their advantage. While simply doing his job and attempting to responsibly report one of said hoodlums for being in a restricted area at his place of work, Mr. Brickowoski suffered a traumatic fall which, judging by his statements about the event afterwards, caused some amount of brain damage and induced hallucinations.

At the end of this fall, Mr. Brickowoski lost consciousness and awoke in a police interrogation room. The tapes provided by the Bricksburg Police Department indicate that, while still suffering from the effects of his fall, Mr. Brickowoski did his best to comply with the officers. However, when the officials attempted to surgically remove a foreign object that had attached itself to Mr. Brickowoski in his fall, the same hoodlum from the construction site broke in, destroyed department property, and absconded with Mr. Brickowoski and fled the city.

The hoodlum, known by the alias "Wyldstyle", managed to vandalize and endanger commuting citizens in kidnapping Mr. Brickowoski against his will. When they rendezvoused with Wyldstyle's accomplice, known wizard and criminal Vitruvius, the two fugitives engaged in an intrusive act of sorcery to enter Mr. Brickowoski's mind. While we are yet unsure as to what they hoped to find, we do know that the only information Mr. Brickowoski gave up was his "double-decker couch" invention which is currently awaiting patent by the Octan Corporation.

Since this event, Mr. Brickowoski has been subjected to ridicule and scrutiny by the general public. He has quietly endured the comments made about him and his idea with dignity we should all be impressed by, but I see no further reason why he should suffer needlessly. Since the unfortunate leak of Mr. Brickowoski's invention, many people have attempted their own version of the double-decker couch and succeeded, despite most critics firm belief that the project was doomed from the start.

As you can see by the above photos, many creative teams and individuals have easily overcome the biggest problems immediately pointed out. First, when the problem that legs hanging from the top couch in the view of those on the bottom sprang up, a simple increase in height was made that eradicated the issue. As for the query of how someone on the top couch would get down without climbing over another person, the answer is simple: courtesy. It should be no problem at all for someone sitting near a side ladder to climb down first and allow safe passage for a fellow sitter, just like in a restaurant booth when someone in the middle needs to leave. All it takes is a little teamwork.

In conclusion, I would simply like to thank those who have stood beside Mr. Brickowoski through this difficult time. While it is unfortunate that the smaller group of ill-willed critics usually speak louder, it is clearly apparent that there is a vast group of well-wishers and fans behind Mr. Brickowoski who realized that your idea is a spectacular one. On behalf of all of them, and to any others with big ideas, I say this: thank you Mr. Brickowoski for showing us how to seize our dreams and shoot for the stars. I hope that one day I might get to enjoy an evening of fun and relaxation with my friends on a double-decker couch, and I look forward to the opportunity.


A Concerned Citizen and Hopeful Creator.


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