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Ever since the first, silent, black and white, short films hit their local Nickelodeons, movies have the been the foundation for entertainment and media. They have captivated, astounded, thrilled, and motivated every movie lover. There are so many movies now, that it's extremely hard to choose which movies are your favorites. But I will try to narrow my list down for you. I have the 5 movies that I would recommend to anyone who needs a good movie to watch.

5) Mission Impossible

Some of the most thrilling action scenes come from these action packed movies starring Tom Cruise. Although I am a fan of all five films, my favorite would have to be the first. It was the original of the five that combined the right amount of thrill and action in one movie.

4) Forrest Gump

This Academy Award winning movienis one of Tom Hank's best. It followed Forrest Gump throughout many events in history. The movie has everything: action, emotion, comedy, and drama. It is one of my personal favorites, and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has not seen it before.

3) Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Arguably the most popular and most successful movie franchise, the Star Wars movies have been classics ever since they hit the screen in 1977. They are packed with action, lovable characters, and a plot twist to end them all. Out of all of the movies though, The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite. It has epic battles, and an even more epic reveal. It is, and should be, regarded as one of the most memorable movies of all time.

2) Inception

One of Leonardo DiCaprio best movies, Inception is one of my favorites. If you want a movie that you can just sit back and relax while watching, then Inception isn't for you. But if you want a complex, interesting, and mind-blowing movie, then bingo, you've got Inception. Christopher Nolan did it again with one of the most talked about movies of the decade.

1) The Dark Knight

Oh yes! Another AMAZING Christopher Nolan film, this one is arguably the best Batman movie of all time. Christian Bale does an amazing job as Batman, but is topped off by Heath Ledger's performance as the clown prince of crime. It is definitely the best of the trilogy, and one of the best superhero films to ever hit the big screen.

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