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Day 15 of 22

We're exactly one week away! Whooooooo!


No news regarding The Lion Guard, but I do have news about my site where I will use to track appearances of Kiara throughout The Lion Guard.After thinking about what The Lion Guard considers The Outlands, I think they meant it as The Elephant Graveyard. Thus I'll revamp my website to solely focus on Kiara and other Simba's Pride elements.

Picture of The Day

Here we have a smug little Kiara, telling her little brother Kion how she's training to be queen, before he interrupts her, and says he knows already. Despite her attitude towards him in the first clip, I think after The Guard saves her, Kiara will be proud of her little brother.

Things to Ponder

"Was Kovu being trained by Zira at this time?"

It's becoming a common theory that The Lion Guard takes place some time after Kiara has met Kovu, and that she's a bit older than in the beginning of Lion King 2 (Which explains why she's embracing being future queen.)

There have been questions about where Kovu or the other Outsiders are during the course of The Lion Guard. Simple: The Pride is focused on training to overthrow Simba. After Kovu and Kiara meet, Zira hatches a plan for Kovu to get close to Kiara, so he can get to Simba and kill him.

By the time the plan is set, Kovu and Kiara are adults.

This means The Lion Guard could be taking place during that gap from Kovu and Kiara's meeting to Kiara's first hunt.

Since they're busy training to overthrow a king, we'd need a new antagonist in the meantime. So why not go back to the basics of Lion King villains and use some hyenas?

In The Lion King 2, Nuka and Vitani go to The Elephant Graveyard, Nuka said this, "This place is even creepier since the hyenas ran off." Who scared them off? Well...I discuss my theory for that tomorrow.

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