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Johnathan Johnson

Arrow Season 4 is off to an incredible start so far with Constantine coming in, Oliver running for mayor, and all of the other amazing things. Here are three other awesome things they should add soon.

1. The Titans

I realize TNT is developing a show about the Titans already, but with the multiverse set up, it could be an incredible time to add some of the members. Imagine Roy coming back to Star City accompanied by Dick Grayson. That alone would blow my mind. Then, if we saw some crime-fighting in tandem with those two, I could die happy. Plus, if we added Nightwing it would set up so many cool things... from Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, Beats Boy to even Jason Todd! So many story lines could stem just from adding Nightwing. I want it to happen more than anything!

2. More Constantine

Matt Ryan was fabulous in his first appearance on Arrow. He played the character just as well as he had before – which is to say, to perfection. I would love to see more of him. Imagine if Raven got added and Constantine and her fought in tandem. Holy cow, all the possibilities!

3. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

With friendships and the supernatural already involved in these two shows, it wouldn't be a stretch to expect these two fandom stars to jump over for a few episodes. Maybe with Padalecki as Nightwing and Ackles as Red Hood?


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