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Many people have been asking this question? Honestly i don't know for sure! I have many good theories! Follow me on the journey to discover the one question everybody is asking, Who is Zoom?


Zoom is supposedly somebody from Earth-2, but not necessarily! Zoom could be somebody from the Future again just like the Reverse Flash. However most of my theories are people from Earth-2. So let's get started. first we will begin to eliminate people.

Jay Garrick

First of all it is not jay Garrick! The only way it could be Jay Garrick is if he is from the future or Earth-1. Unless Jay has been lying to us all along but i doubt that. So probability of him being Zoom about 10%.

Cisco Ramone

honestly i doubt this and he is zoom (Earth-2) that would be extremely dumb! probability 1%

Henry Allen

This one is big! He disappeared right when Barry got him out of jail. Also him and zoom's eyes are very similar. It could also be future or Earth-2 but I think it is normal Henry Allen from Earth-1. Probability 90%

Harrison Wells Earth-2

I doubt this as much as I do cisco because you saw him and zoom in the same place at the same time! Probability 5%

Barry Allen Earth-2 or future

Another one that is highly probable! Barry Allen as zoom! JUST IMAGINE HOW AWESOME THAT WOULD BE CAN YOU IMAGINE IT THAT WOULD BE SICK! Also sounds reasonable! probability 95%

Eddie Thawne Earth-2

Try and tell me that this wouldn't be sweet. It makes sense and sounds like something that the Flash creators would do. What if Iris saw him she would freak till she realizes it is Earth-2 eddie. This is the fan favorite right now and I think this would be freaking awesome! probability 89%

Well that's my list of theories on who zoom is! Who do you think Zoom is? Let me know in the comments below!

-Lex Munn


Who do you think zoom is in The Flash


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