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I'm a big horror movie fan, I love being scared and on edge. Twist endings, jump scares, demons and ghosts, you name it! However, the genre is full of duds, a lot of duds but these top below are some of the worst I've seen. Sitting through them I remember boredom, impatience and the terror of experiencing how bad they all were. Here are my top 10 worst horror films:

10. The Ring - Despite a devoted performance from Naomi Watts, I found this to be a very bland, bleak and boring experience. The girl coming out of the TV is pretty iconic in the horror genre but it didn't nothing for me. PREPARE TO BE NOT SCARED.

9. 7500 - After numerous delays I thought I'd never see this film. The trailer looked promising and rather terrifying too. I've now seen this supernatural thriller and I am so disappointed. Cheap looking with poor dialogue and characters. Praise however goes to Nicky Whelan whose performance as a clean freak and a stuck up chatterbox works nicely. Thanks to some of the most shopworn and cheap jump scares ever put to film and lacking an eerie atmosphere, this flight is grounded. PREPARE TO BE DISAPPOINTED.

8. The House At The End Of The Street - Technically, this film is a disaster. The editing, the colour correcting, lighting, camerawork, there is no continuity or clean image. Add that to the unscary atmosphere and messy plot and you'll find this is a total waste of time and effort of talented stars Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Shue and Max Thieriot. SKIP THIS ONE.

7. The Cave - The messiest and most unfocused horror film ever. Lena Headey is in this, and whilst she's likeable and does what she can with the crap she's been given, one great actress cannot save this disaster ripoff of horror masterpiece The Descent.

6. The Ruins - Lacking gore and interesting characters, this film descends into a noisy shouting contest for a good hour and a half.

5. The Vatican Tapes - Find my recent review of this godawful garbage. AVOID THIS MESS.

4. Grave Encounters 2 - A trashy sequel to a surprisingly effective first film, part 2 takes the most unlikeable bunch of characters and throws them back into the asylum from the first film. Bad acting, lazy attempts at scares and just plain dull. AVOID, WATCH THE ORIGINAL.

3. My Soul To Take - This will go down as one of the worst films I've sat through. I am impressed with myself I didn't turn it off after the 45 minute point, I stuck to it only to find that there is not a single noteworthy moment of fear or eeriness. It's got no direction or idea of what it truly wants to be. The mixing of genres makes for a near unwatchable experience. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

2. The Blair Witch Project - I really don't see it. Rated as one of the best horror films of all time, that says a lot about what scares people. If a few sticks crunching in the woods and the odd weird faint noise scares you then I think anything will. Nothing happens in this film, nothing! The ending is appalling, I will go ahead and spoil it. A woman turns her camera to see her friend fall down, she screams, the film ends. That is about as eventful as it gets. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE.

1. Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever - Easily the worst horror and also one of the worst films ever, this sequel holds contender for worst movie title and poster as well as just generally sucking altogether. It is so unbelievably disjointed and abhorrent it's a film I hate with a passion, as to how someone got permission and a green light to go ahead with this is beyond me, a witless attempt at crafting a coherent feature.

The characters have no brain power to think, they're dumb, disposable bags of blood simply for this tame virus to spread in. The acting is horrendous, Noah Segan yells and whines constantly and I had a headache. There are literally no scary moments yet there's a foul use of sexual diseases later on in the movie. Whoever the hell wrote this needs a serious lesson in structure, I'm no expert but I can see mess on screen. Spring Fever takes the high school prom scenario, but without the glamour and fun, slaps on a virus premise and calls itself a horror. AVOID THIS OVER ALL.

If you want a decent bloodbath, go watch Carrie!
If you want a decent bloodbath, go watch Carrie!

It feels good to vent frustration and anger against bad films. This list feels like a release, and I hope it means all you readers can save yourselves from wasting time watching these. Go check out some good horror films! The Babadook, The Mist, Insidious, The Conjuring, Psycho, I could go on and I might even make a top 10 favourite horrors.


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