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A lot of Fans say that Star Wars Battlefront is not worth it because its gonna be the same as the Battlefield Game Series, since its going to be published by EA. Another reason that the fans think the game is not worth your money is because EA will sell it as DLC.

So, lets see about the game and its similarity to Battlefield...

This video shows a gameplay of Star Wars Battlefront, which has a big map where you can go anywhere you like, unlike Battlefield, which has a much smaller map.

Luke and Vader

So, in Battlefront we get to play different characters beside the Stormtroopers, unlikely in Battlefield where you only have one character you choose to play.

The powers used on Battlefront are pretty awesome; the force, lightsabers and jetpacks.There is also a large set of vehicles and spaceships to use.

Similarly to Battlefield, where we have some awesome weapons and a variety of vehicles and airplanes.

Form me, buying Battlefront is a must. Battlefront is truly a unique and similar to the original trilogy for all the fans of Star Wars who want to live the Star Wars history for themselves, and new players who will have a blast with the unique vehicles and powers.

Also, who wouldn't want to be Vader and use force choke against enemies? Thank you for reading, I hope you all had a blast with the new game trailers, the beta release, and the new DLC announcement. If you have any questions, leave a comment!


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