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True Believers, unite!! the 1st wave of reviews are in and apparently, this will be even darker than Daredevil.

An official poster for Marvel's Jessica Jones
An official poster for Marvel's Jessica Jones

here are some of the reviews

"In no uncertain terms, Jessica Jones is the best thing Marvel Television has ever produced" (via Forbes)

wow, that's bold. it seems as though Marvel will really strike gold.

Another poster
Another poster

Here's another great one from

"If you are waiting for the next great series of 2015, mark November 20 on your calendar. That’s when the full, 13-episode first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones goes up on Netflix. The dark thriller starring Krysten Ritter and David Tennant, as my video review above says, is grown-up great and certainly binge appointment viewing."

All in all, i think this will be quite good!

Marvel's Jessica Jones will premiere Friday, November 20th with all 13 episodes

Stay tuned because i will be doing reviews for this series.

view the trailer below


Will you be tuning in to Jessica Jones?


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