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An English translation of the original Spanish post.

(This post is not about a movie or perhaps it is about the 'movie' some people would like to 'recreate' for themselves. Rather, I think this it's a very personal opinion).

OK. I see a lot of people mad about the hashtag. Listen to me ... don't be such an 'A.H.'. Don't be naive! Do not be ignorant!

How easy is for you to criticize! Are you a human being? Do you feel and suffer?

If so, be in empathic with Paris. Empathize with Burma! Empathize with Palestine! Empathize with Kenya! Empathize with Syria! Empathize with Iraq! Empathize with USA! Empathize with Israel! Empathize with Yugoslavia! Empathize with Czechoslovakia! Empathize with Sierra Leone! Empathize with Ukraine and Crimea! Empathize with Puerto Rico! Empathize with Haiti! Empathize with ... I forgot (perhaps due to misinformation)!

Solidarity with Paris is not an hypocritical thing. It's about being human! It's about to be Brothers and Sisters!

Athens, Greece
Athens, Greece
Sidney,  Australia
Sidney, Australia

Even though I 'don't pray or to bless the food we eat at my table'. F**k! I do care about people!

San Juan, Puerto Rico - El Nuevo Día
San Juan, Puerto Rico - El Nuevo Día

If the atheist who does not pray is in solidarity ... if the religious one, even though 'preaches morality in underwear '... is in solidarity ... if those who live alienated from the world care or the ones who live pending to all the news care..., that , my friend is a valuable thing.

Río de Janeiro, Brazil
Río de Janeiro, Brazil

If you are one of those who criticize instead of contributing to a good cause. You are part of the problem. With your closed mind you are segregating more and more the people. Please tuck your tongue up your ass. Although I recognize you have the right to criticize. Your right is valid. And I apologize for that.

But let me tell YOU: use your critic and words to unite the World.

"Let's take a 'chance' to Peace", as John Lennon said.

Do not 'separate' with your criticism. Do not be become a radical and or an extremist, like those who commit these acts of violence. Do not be a fanatic without fundamentals. A 'gadfly' for being 'trendy'. Do not be fanatical, period. Don't hop into the illusion that intelligence is worth more than the universe's laws, God, gods, nature, energy .... "whatever" you want dictate. T he reason is important, but it cannot explain everything you see.

Better is to believe in balance. It will be better for you so you might understand what happens in a world where tragedies like this and other tend to happen.

Let us not be cowards. Let's not be hypocrites.

People are people, no matter where they live. People suffer everywhere in the Globe.

Let's help to rebuild it together rather to destroy it.


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