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Attencion: This is based on the plot twist post so if you haven't read it, please do read it or you might not understand all i'm saying here.

It is a good post and it makes sense. I also believe that this movie and Man of Steel happened in the Nolan's Batman Universe. It would make perfect sense right?

I also love the idea of Batman and Superman joining hands with Aquaman, Wonder Woman and other Justice League characters. That would be awesome. The cloning that Lex Luther did and all that, i like. And i'm gonna talk about it a little more ahead.

Now... here's the part i didn't like so mutch and that made me think of another theory for who Ben Affleck really is, because i also don't believe he is Bruce Wayne. And i don't believe he is Deathstroke either.

So i thought of who he might be, if this storyline is really going on in the Nolan's Universe.

I believe that Ben Affleck actually is:

I know,, your all like: wtf?

Just hear me out

Let's remember The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Batman goes in his "Bat" to the middle of the ocean to take the bomb away from the city. He survived.
  • Bruce left something for Robin, remember?
  • Robin went to the batcave and, supposedly he became the Batman, while Bruce retired and went to Europe with his new found love.

Now, imagine if Robin really did become the new Batman and for years he fought crime in Gotham. He would have more and better technology, weaponry and of course he made new enemies (Suicide Squad in special) but he also made friends, loved ones, and pretty soon he got a family of his own. Then decided to retire, because he was getting old. Gotham was way better now, so it would be the perfect time for it, right?

Then something happens. He might actually have retired as Batman but he still runs Wayne Enterprises after Lucius Fox died. Lucius got orders from Bruce, to give the company to Robin, when Lucius died or retired. And Lucius was already old when Bruce was Batman and now that Robin is also of certain age, it's normal that Lucius has already died.

As that Batman theory said, Ben Affleck was headed to Wayne Enterprises when the attack happened and the builduing was destroyed. He's family was there...

And as i think Ben Affleck is Robin it means that Robin wasn't able to get his family back in time and they died.

You remember in the Batman vs Superman trailer that Ben Affleck was sad before he went for the suit?

That's because he was struggling because he wanted to avenge his family, but that means returning as Batman and killing Superman. His rage was so big that Robin went back to being Batman, but this time was not for the greater good. Was for his own. He wanted revenge.

Do you bleed? You will...

See where i'm going?

Now they fight and i don't know who wins, but Batman does get Superman to bleed and that is a mistake, because, someone recovered that blood and sold it to who was offering more. Lex Luthor.

Now Lex is able to create a clone. Bizarro.

I believe that in this scene that is not Superman. It is Bizarro.

Bizarro goes after Superman and they fight .

But soon he see's that Bizarro is too strong and crazy to be stopped just by his hands and that's when he goes in search of Batman, to ask for help. In the meanwhile, Diana, who has been watching Superman for a while see's what's happening and decides to help.

She talks to Superman, who at first doesn't believe she is who she says she is but after a while both join forces with Batman and go after the bad guys. I don't know where Aquaman enters the story. Does Bizarro swim?

This is just a theory of course. There is still one thing missing and that's of course Jeremy Irons character right?

Well, i believe that since Alfred saw Bruce in Europe in the end of The Dark Knight Rises, he might have come back to Gotham, but not to join Robin, no. He went back to Gotham to see who was replacing Bruce and when he discovered it was Robin, he saw that Gotham was in good hands and decided to give him a little help. He contacted a friend of his from the war and asked him if he was looking for a job and then intruduced him to Robin, and Jeremy Iron's character became Robin's butler.

Any of my Batman vs Superman theory make sense to you?


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