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What's up anime fans! I know it's been hard having to swallow that Nat Wolf is going to be are Light Yagami - lead protagonist in Death Note. Well I'm here again with some news about the casting. We now have a leading lady, and it's no other than the lovely, Margaret Qualley, best know for her work in the HBO series The Leftovers. Ms. Qualley is semi-comfirmed to play Misa Amane - A famous model in the manga/anime.

I can't say much on her acting, since I've never seen any of her work. But I say let's give her a chance! However, Warner Bros aren't really gaining my trust with this casting. I don't dislike the actors or anything of that sort but are we really not going to see any Japanese actors in this film? Would you guys be alright with that? I for one, really do hope they cast some Japanese actors or at least a Japanese actor for L.

A lot people say Light Yagami comes off as Caucasian and yes, I have to admit he doesn't appear to look that Japanese. But his background is, both his parents are and never in the manga or anime does it state that he is a exchange student or mixed so shouldn't they try to stay as close as possible to the storyline and what the fans want? Why is it whenever America tries to adapt anime it fails? Answer me this...


Why Does America Fail At Adapting Anime?

Well other than the casting news not much has been released. We already know who are production, director and writing crew is however, we have no clue were they will be filming. Maybe they'll go to Japan at least once for filming but who knows? like I said above Warner Bros doesn't have my full trust yet on this project, but I do know that their a amazing company who put out quality work so, let's see if they gain it when more news is released.

I'm honestly pretty excited to see how this films turns out, let's all hope we get some more news or maybe a trailer soon! Till then why not watch the recently aired Death Note live action TV series by NTV on CrunchyRoll! - When in doubt watch Death Note! Thanks for reading and please follow to keep up with my articles! Happy Holidays and have a blessed day!


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