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The atrocities committed in Paris on Friday night shook the world What transpired will be something that lives in the minds of all those who have lived through this, forever.

Paris - the homeland of romance and truly fantastic art- was brought to a standstill the other night by a horrible arm of terrorism. But the beauty of France endures through the masterpieces its citizens have created, some of which have been around for hundreds of years. In dark and upsetting times, we should always look for the light.

Viva la France.

Amour (Love) - 2012

Nominated for 5 Academy Awards and winning Best Foreign Film of the year, Amour details the strength of love following heartbreak. An elderly couple, George and Anne, have their marriage tested when Anne falls ill from a stroke. George has made a promise to his wife to take care of her until her final days, and will not employ anyone to help. This is a must-see romance for those who aren't afraid to have a sob afterwards in celebration of love.

The Intouchables (The Untouchables) - 2011

This movie will pull heartstrings. It details the close friendship of a quadriplegic, Phillipe, who hires a boy from the projects, Driss, to be his carer. The film portrays the difficulties of romance for people in wheelchairs, and the mental hurdles that one must overcome when life is flipped on its end. The film is not void of comedy either. The opening scene has Driss driving rather quickly in a Maserati with the police on his tail. When the police catch up, Phillipe pretends to have a seizure with his aide claiming that he needs to get the quadriplegic to the emergency ward as soon as possible. If you want a movie about new found friendship and the rich helping the poor, then head to your closest store and pick pick up this masterpiece.

The Artist - (2011)

Before sound was an essential part of film, there was none. In the early days, films were completely void of dialogue and on-screen romances had to be acted out with such perfection that they communicated the strength of passion without using a single word. And it is exactly this premise that The Artist takes. An actor and a dancer happen to bump into each other and eventually work together on screen, with excellent chemistry. However, the end of the silent era brings with it the sound of difficulties for George and Peppy in this tale of love.

Assassin's Creed Unity

Although not directly made in France itself, last year's entry into the Assassin's Creed franchise enabled you to explore French Revolution Paris. You played an aristocratic young man, Arno, who took on his father's role as Assassin and protected the city during what may be considered one of the most dangerous times in the history of France. You became united with your friends and made new allies to rebuild the war-torn city. I feel it is important to include this as it demonstrates what France is now well known for. Unity. In the times when it needs support, they don't go crying to other nations; they stand together and take their problems into their own hands and do what they must.

NB: During the bombings outside the stadium, all those present sung the national anthem as they exited the stadium.

Liberty Leading the People

This painting, notably known as the artwork for Coldplay's album Viva la Vida, represents lady liberty walking over the bodies of those fallen using them as a footing, leading the revolutionaries to free France from the oppressive King Charles X in 1830.


Mankind is a species like no other. We come together in times of distress, becoming one so we overcome the foe and destroy what endangers those close to us. We must never forget what has happened in France on Friday, and remember that throughout all the trouble and turmoil, we must come together and unite.

Viva la France

Viva la Vida


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